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Monday Morning Mets Mind Boggler: Free agent position player acquisitions

Can you name every long-tenured position player the Mets acquired in free agency?

MLB: New York Mets at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

As the offseason begins, the Mets will turn to the free agent market to fill key holes on their roster. For this week’s Mind Boggler, we’re asking you to name every position player in Mets history that the team acquired through free agency.

Every position player the Mets acquired in free agency (min. 500 PA)

To qualify for this list, players need to meet a few criteria: First, they need to have gotten at least 500 plate appearances with the Mets in the stint immediately following the signing date listed here. In other words, if a player got 200 plate appearances with the Mets, played for another team, then returned to the Mets for another 300 plate appearances, he won’t be included on this list.

Second, players need to have signed with the Mets in 1976 or later, which encompasses the modern era of free agency. Third, they need to have played with another team before signing with the Mets. We’re not including players that the Mets signed before their rookie years, unless those players later returned to the Mets for 500 or more plate appearances.

Fourth, we’re not including players for whom the Mets traded and then signed to an extension or free-agent contract (e.g., Mike Piazza and Yoenis Cespedes). We’re focusing only on players the Mets initially acquired through free agency. The list also excludes players that the Mets acquired on the amateur or international free agent markets, or on the waiver wire.

Finally, note that the “previous team” listed next to each player is the team with whom the player most recently played. If a player last played for the Braves, but signed with and was released from the Phillies without playing a game before signing with the Mets, the Braves will be listed as his previous team.

You’ll have eight minutes for this quiz. Good luck, and remember to post your time and score in the comments!