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Frank Viola to remain with Mets as Double-A pitching coach, Glen Abbott to take on role in Triple-A

The Mets have swapped a couple of their minor league pitching coaches.

2014 MLB Draft Media Luncheon - Portraits Photo by Steven Freeman/ Getty Images

Although the Mets decided to make changes to their Triple-A coaching staff following the 2017 season, the organization was able to retain pitching coach Frank Viola, who will move to Double-A Binghamton. He’ll essentially swap places with Glen Abbott, who had been the pitching coach there and will now move to Las Vegas.

Viola has been a coach in the Mets’ organization for several years now and has worked at different levels of the minor league system along the way. He seemed to have been well-liked by the pitchers he’s coached, and until the 2017 season, things had turned out pretty well for those pitchers at the major league level. He’s interviewed for a major league pitching coach spot in the past but has remained with the Mets in those jobs.

Abbott has been in the organization for a while, too, having spent a few seasons with Single-A Savannah before spending the 2017 season in Binghamton.