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Monday Morning Mets Mind Boggler: Best-pitched games

Can you name every pitcher in Mets history to post a game score of at least 95?

Chicago White Sox v New York Mets Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

On this Christmas morning, let’s spread the holiday cheer by reliving some of the best pitching performances in Mets history. For this week’s Mind Boggler, we’re asking you to name every pitcher in team history to post a game score of at least 95.

Every pitcher in Mets history with a game score of at least 95

Game score is a nice little stat that tries to boil down a single-game pitching performance into one number. To calculate game score, you simply start with 50 points and add one point for each out recorded, one point for each strikeout, and two points for each inning completed after the fourth. You then subtract one point for each walk allowed, two points for each hit allowed, two points for each unearned run allowed, and four points for each earned run allowed.

Fifty points is considered an average game score. Scores that get closer zero represent poorly pitched games, while scores near 100 signify gems.

You’ll have two minutes for this quiz. Good luck, and remember to post your time and score in the comments!