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SNY to deliver mobile streaming of Mets games in 2017

Cable subscribers will be able to stream SNY to their mobile devices.

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SNY will enter uncharted territory this coming season, delivering live Mets game telecasts on PCs, tablets, mobile devices, and connected TVs. The network’s president, Steve Raab, explained the feature in a press release.

"As we prepare for another season of Mets baseball, it was very important to us at SNY that we have a streaming component ready for our fans in time for Opening Day," Raab said. "With this service now in place, we are excited to expand SNY's scope and to deliver exclusive Mets coverage to our dedicated fans both at home and on the go."

The new streaming service, called “TV Everywhere,” should serve as a welcome alternative to Major League Baseball’s package. Mets fans likely won’t have to plan around blackout restrictions, per SNY’s website: “If you are an SNY subscriber via a participating video provider, and you reside in an area where you are able to view Mets games on the channel, you will be able to access Mets content.”

In addition to live broadcasts, subscribers will also have access to pre- and post-game shows. If you’re wondering how it will all work, SNY has some FAQs for you.