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Amazin' Avenue AMA (Ask Me Anything)

What do you want to know?

John Olerud#5

A couple of years ago I did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread that folks seemed to enjoy, and I’ve been encouraged to do another. The idea is for members of the community here to ask your overlord anything you want, and for me to do my best to respond in bleeps and blorps.

Leaving aside the obvious question of why anyone should really care what I think, the last AMA was fun and so with a couple of weeks to go before spring training games, now seemed like a good time to do another.

I do recommend that you go back and read the first AMA—both the post itself and the questions and answers that followed—just to see where we left off. I have no problem with answering some of the same questions again, and it’s indeed possible that my answers will have changed since then.

You can ask about baseball and the Mets, but you needn’t be confined to those subjects. The questions can be about anything you want apart from politics and religion. I have many thoughts on those topics, but as our community guidelines stipulate, this is not the forum for discussing them.

As it was the last time, my one request is that you only comment on this thread if you have a question or follow-up. There are lots of other places on the site for general comments and discussions, but let’s keep this one to just the questions and answers.