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Neil Walker extension talks are not dead yet

There’s still a chance that the Mets make a deal with their second baseman before Opening Day.

New York Mets v Detroit Tigers Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

Not all Mets fans are keen on giving second baseman Neil Walker a contract extension, but that’s not going to stop the team from trying. Recently, talks between New York and Walker have hit a snag, and some even thought that the extension was as good as dead.

However, the New York Daily News reports that despite little progress being made by both sides, the deal isn’t dead yet. According to the Daily News, the Mets are fine with paying Walker a little over $40 million, or around $14 million per year, over the next three seasons (including 2017). The problem could be about the $17.2 million that Walker is owed this year due to his signing of New York’s qualifying offer.

The Mets’ front office would want to give Walker less money this year and push some of the value into years two and three of the deal. Walker and his agent probably want more of the money up front, but they have to be happy with the thought of a three-year contract considering that the second baseman is coming off of back surgery.

On the other hand, if Walker can hit for the kind of power he did in 2016 while playing a full season at second base, he’d be a very attractive free agent 10 months from now.