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Matt Wieters signs two-year deal with Nationals

The four-time All-Star joins the defending NL East champs.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

After a lengthy stay on the market, former Orioles catcher, Matt Wieters, has inked a two-year $21 million deal with the Nationals pending physicals.

The switch-hitting Wieters became the top free agent catcher on the market once former Nationals catcher, Wilson Ramos, went down late last season with a knee injury. However, the market for the four-time All-Star didn't materialize until very recently, with spring training games just about to start.

He reportedly had a one-year offer from the Rays (who previously signed Ramos), but chose Washington’s offer, probably because of the player option for the second year and more guaranteed money.

Wieters accepted a qualifying offer in 2016 from the Orioles after two partial seasons that were cut short by Tommy John surgery, and did have a bounce-back season last year in which he earned an All-Star nod.

The move was a bit peculiar on Washington’s part because they had already acquired Derek Norris from the Padres earlier in the offseason, and have incumbents Pedro Severino and the switch-hitting Jose Lobaton.

Some Mets fans might be alarmed that the signing bolsters the Nationals’ lineup, but Travis d’Arnaud was happy with the news, because by not acquiring Wieters, it showed the Mets’ faith in d’Arnaud as the starting catcher.