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Longtime Mets TV director Bill Webb has died

The talented director had been with the Mets for nearly four decades.

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The legendary Bill Webb, who was the lead television director for Mets games for nearly forty years, has died after battling cancer.

In February, it was reported that the 65-year-old would not return to SNY on a full-time basis for the upcoming season. He had missed several several games during the 2015 season while undergoing cancer treatment, but he was able to return in 2016 but with a limited schedule.

Besides working for the Mets, FOX used Webb’s talents during World Series broadcasts. For 17 years in a row, Webb was the man behind the scenes as the drama unfolded before a national audience. The 2015 World Series was the first time in eighteen years that someone other than Webb directed the games.

Webb’s absence was acknowledged by the entire FOX broadcasting crew during Game 3 of the 2015 World Series. And again during the 2016 World Series, John Smoltz and Joe Buck honored Webb since he was unable to return to broadcasting after sustaining injuries from a fall.

The longtime director was inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame in November for his work in revolutionizing modern baseball telecasts. His trademarks became quick cuts, player close-ups, and crowd reaction shots. There had been some hope that Cooperstown would come calling next and honor the hard work of television directors.

Bill Webb definitely left his mark on baseball and on the broadcasting industry throughout his career, and he will certainly be missed.