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This Week In SNY: Mets booth highlights from April 10-21, 2017

Keith hates saxophones, has a new word, a new set of eyes, and was even killed off by a Canadian newspaper. Plus Gary meets a giraffe, Steve gets trolled by multiple Mets, and SNY creeps on Jerad Eickhoff’s wife. All that and more in this edition of TWISNY!

A pleasant good afternoon everyone, Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling are here and Steve Gelbs will join us in a little bit. Mets baseball was a horror show for much of the past week but there’s no level of bad baseball that Gary, Keith, Ron, and Steve can’t cure. With this in mind, let’s fire up the highlights!

Monday, April 10

As the top of the 5th began, the SNY cameras began creeping on Phillies pitcher Jerad Eickhoff’s wife Morgan.

Unbeknownst to us here at TWISNY, apparently SNY and Morgan Eickhoff have a somewhat creepy (very creepy?) yet oddly endearing history together.

Wednesday, April 12

It’s time for Nitpicking with TWISNY! As the top of the 9th ended, SNY went into a montage featuring Maikel Franco, who would lead off the bottom of the 9th and had previously hit a grand slam accounting for all four Phillies runs earlier in the game. Franco’s looming at bat was clearly a key moment in a one-run game but we would also guess he’s not the only batter the Phillies would elect to send up in their final turn.

This has been Nitpicking with TWISNY.

Thursday, April 13

Vocabulary with Keith! Keith debuted a new word after Yoenis Cespedes and Wilmer Flores hit back-to-back home runs on consecutive pitches:

So what exactly is a Bomb-a-roni? This:

How different would your life be with Noah Syndergaard’s long, golden locks? That’s a question Keith was forced to ask while reading a promo for waste of time screaming match show Loud Mouths “on your great station, SNY!” (Keith’s very sarcastic words, not ours). So Gary posed the question: would Keith’s life be different with Thor’s locks?

Keith: No, but I think if I’d have had blue eyes, I could’ve been trouble.

Gary: What does that mean exactly?

Keith: I’ve always wanted blue eyes.

Okay, Keith. You want blue eyes? TWISNY will make it happen for you! You’re welcome.

Sunday, April 16

Let’s check in with Steve Gelbs, who’s down on the field getting trolled by Noah Syndergaard presented by Citi.

Also by Tom Goodwin, also presented by Citi.

Even though the roof in Miami was closed, it was a beautiful Easter Sunday for everybody in the ballpark. That is except for Keith, who has HAD IT with saxophones.

Gary: Keith is working on minimal sleep tonight, so be patient with him.

Keith: Happy Easter, everybody! So yeah, the club across the street had a saxophone player til 4 in the morning playing outdoors. And then they had the nerve to have a guy doing the National Anthem –– you missed it –– with a saxophone! I’ve HAD IT with saxophones!

We all have, Keith. We all have.

Tuesday, April 18

Ready for some Social Media Fundies? Our buddy Gare is seen here posing with a giraffe! Congratulations to you and your new broadcasting partner. We greatly look forward to April’s upcoming SNY debut.

SNY’s pregame show debuted a brand new feature last week. It’s called Irrational Tweet Theater, hosted by “our friend” and erstwhile Gare substitute Gary Apple. My friends, this is a high quality segment.

The music, the sipping of the drink, that laugh after the Steve Gelbs crush tweet. This one has some real potential. Gary just needs to exchange the soda for a nice Cabernet and maybe start wearing a monocle.

With Zack Wheeler on the mound for the Mets and Zach Eflin pitching for the Phillies, the booth got into a riveting discussion about the three different spellings of that first name: Zack, Zach, or Zac.

Ronnie: I never know how to spell Zack now. Every time it’s different!

Gary: Well yeah, you could use the K, you could use the H, or you could just go with the C at the end.

After this, Gary started pulling out stats from Google –– can we call them Zackermetrics? (boooo) –– and 54% spell it Zach, 45% spell it Zack, and 1% spell it Zac.

Gary: So Zac Efron is the anomaly.

Who guessed you’d get a Zac Efron reference during a Mets broadcast?

SNY’s cameras honed in on this man’s bright orange and blue jacket, which led to a great Lindsay Nelson story from Gare!

Gary: The thing about that blazer is it’s way too tame for Lindsay. Lindsay would go to every haberdashery, every clothing store, every men’s outlet in the city and ask the guy for his worst looking jackets. And every night he would outdo himself. You know how Craig Sager would wear wild stuff? Lindsay was doing that 50 years before but Sager looked good. Lindsay went for as bad as possible, that was his goal.

Ronnie came up with the idea of Gary, Keith, and Ron wearing ugly blazers like Ralph, Lindsay, and Bob used to do back in the day. Umm yes, please! Make it happen, guys.

Let’s check in with Steve Gelbs! Steve profiled Travis d’Arnaud’s daily routine, which seems like a pretty damn amazing routine to me.

I mean, wake up at 11 am? Go to work at 1:30 pm? Ice cream at midnight every night? Other than Halo Top being terrible (it’s terrible, don’t fight me on this), this is like the human dream routine. It should also be noted here that SNY excluded one very minor event from Travis’s daily schedule: the baseball game.

Thursday, April 20

Ready for more Social Media Fundies? Touching back on Tuesday’s segment about Lindsay Nelson’s gaudy jackets, the GKR Instagram account shared this extremely accurate photo courtesy of @AthleteLogos of what our heroes would look like if they did dress like Ralph, Lindsay, and Bob. Guys: you really need to do this.

Friday, April 21

Keith still doesn’t like how he’s portrayed in SNY’s The Road Ahead graphic and came up with a pretty on point comp.

Keith: They’ve got me looking like John Stossel there.

<booth busts out laughing>

Gary: Are you gonna do some consumer reports for us, Keith?

Gary continued by expressing his gratitude that Keith was in the booth that night because there were some rumors...

Gary: I’m just glad that, contrary to the headlines, you’re with us tonight.

If you didn’t hear about this, Gary was referencing this very unfortunate typo that appeared in the Brandon Sun, a newspaper in Manitoba, Canada. That’s Aaron, not Keith, guys. Don’t give us a heart attack.

Hat tip to AA reader Beachspider for that one!

That’s all for this week’s edition of This Week In SNY!

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