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This Week in Mets Quotes: The Mets aren’t panicking, Walker isn’t freaking out

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

MLB: Washington Nationals at New York Mets Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Your 2017 New York Mets: We’re just not hitting.

“We’re just not hitting.” –Terry Collins [New York Post]

There are only three things certain in life: death, taxes, and the Mets offense ‘not helping their pitching staff.’

“Our pitching has kept us in the game even today. When you get beat 3-1 and you think you got blown out, that’s not good. Our pitching staff has kept us in games and we’re just not giving them any help.” –Terry Collins [New York Post]

Sadly, this does feel like the team is doing their the best.

"You've got to play with what you have, and I think we're doing the best we can right now.” –Matt Harvey [ESPN]

No one on the Mets feels ‘pretty damn good’ right now.

"Facing Familia is never comfortable, he's pretty damn good. I was just looking for something in the middle of the zone and thankfully he walked me to give us that run we needed." –Trea Turner [Mets]

Not a great sign when I have more faith with our pitchers pinch hitting than a position player.

"It was all hands on deck. Us pitchers, we like to think of ourselves as athletes. We feel comfortable when called on." –Zack Wheeler [Mets]

I think a lot of starting pitchers are happy to see the Mets coming up on the schedule.

"Whenever you have a lineup you do well against and you see them coming up on the schedule, you're happy. Now I face them again next week at home." –Julio Teheran [Mets]

Great, all the Mets have to do is win nine or ten games and we’re back in it.

”Some place along the line there is a nine-game winning streak coming up. That’s how good I think this team can be. That’s why I said ‘look at the last 10 days.’ We’re a single and a homer from winning every game, heck even sometimes a base hit. I do believe that we have the ability to take off and you win nine, 10, you’re back in it. By no means do I think, they got a good team, no question about it, but every team goes through a bad streak. What we have to do is say ‘hey this is ours, and when it’s done we’re going to get back in this hunt.’” –Terry Collins [North Jersey]

Conforto thinks we’ll be fine.

"We're going to be fine. We have a lot of faith in ourselves. We'll get our horses back soon, and I think we'll be all right.” –Michael Conforto [Mets]

Walker’s not freaking out.

“Nobody’s freaking out in here. People may be freaking outside of here, but that’s not any of our concern.” –Neil Walker [New York Times]

Panic City: Population – Not Jay Bruce or Terry Collins.

“Just haven’t caught a lot of momentum yet. Obviously, we’re banged up, but it’s something we can endure. We have a good group of guys, good group of veterans. Not a lot of panic in us. It is April, but it’s not going to be April soon. We need to start playing well and we will. There’s no panic. It’s definitely not lack of effort, lack of preparation.” –Jay Bruce [New York Post]

“He instills confidence in us. Really, with how things went last year with injuries and everything, he never panicked. Players can tell when a manager panics. We never sensed that last year in him, and we haven’t sensed that this year.” –Neil Walker [New York Post]

Two veteran managers selling the ‘other team is good’ cliché perfectly.

"The Mets have a good team. They're going to be heard from as soon as they get everybody back. But in the meantime, nobody gives us any sympathy in this league and you got to make hay when you can." –Dusty Baker [Mets]

"They have a real good team. They have a very good team. They're very deep, and they have power out of the bullpen. They've got a really good club. That's why you have to make pitches against them." –Terry Collins [Mets]

Harvey achieved his goal and didn’t end up throwing five or six innings in his next start.

"I think the important thing for us, especially now that we've got some innings under our belt, is going deeper into games, limiting the amount of bullpen use. Obviously, we can't help the extra innings games and having guys out there. For us throwing just five or six innings, it's going to tax the bullpen.” –Matt Harvey [New York Daily News]

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“Malarkey! [Justin Turner] claimed to have "trained" with (2 time busted PED user) Marlon Byrd. Then, at age 30 he went from Eric Campbell to Kyle Seager. No proof of causation, but correlation is certainly there.” –brooklynberger

AA Quote of the Week

Amed Rosario is like Jay Bruce in reverse. We will never stop arguing about how good he might be.” –Reflect