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Steven Matz diagnosed with strained flexor tendon

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Matz claims to have been diagnosed with a strained flexor tendon.

MLB: Spring Training-St. Louis Cardinals at New York Mets Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Mets starter Steven Matz says he has received a more specific diagnosis than “left elbow inflammation.” Speaking to reporters, Matz said doctors have diagnosed him with a flexor strain.

“From my understanding, it’s like a flexor strain, I strained my flexor. That’s kind of what the feeling is, that the flexor tendon is kind of flaring up.”

This development further complicates Matz’s return timeframe. The left-hander was initially shut down for three weeks due to elbow irritation; it’s unknown what impact his flexor strain diagnosis will have on his timetable. Matz threw 132.1 innings last season, a career-high at any level of baseball.

“It’s tough but I know I’ve worked as hard as I can and it’s out of my control,” Matz said. “So I try to do all I can to stay healthy and stay on the field. Thankfully, it’s not anything more serious. So, I hope that I can come back and help the team when I’m ready but there’s nothing I can do I feel like.”

In Matz’s absence, the Mets will deploy Zack Wheeler, a fellow Tommy John surgery recipient. as their fourth starter. Matz, who went under the knife in 2010, was placed on the disabled list in August of last season due to shoulder tightness.