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This Week in Mets Quotes: Syndergaard declares NYC ‘Mets City’, Mets team mantra is ‘Do Your Thing’

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Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Atlanta Braves v New York Mets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Your 2017 New York Mets: You cannot do anything but get excited.

"If you want to be around some excitement, play in New York City. Play at Citi Field when we have a crowd like this. You cannot do anything but get excited." –Terry Collins [MLB]

Panic Mets City

“I don’t think I’ve really run into a Yankees fan. They might mention to me that they’re a Yankees fan and (say), ‘I think you’re a great pitcher,’ stuff like that, but now New’s a Mets city.” –Noah Syndergaard [New York Daily News]

It’s like Wilmer’s always stuck in second gear.

"I knew I was safe." –Wilmer Flores [MLB]

Changed the plaque just enough to avoid getting sued by Bill Belichick.

“[A plaque reading ‘Do Your Thing’ in the Mets clubhouse] It’s kind of the mission statement or the M.O. of this team. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, everyone is cut from a little different cloth, but as long as you are all pulling from the same end of the rope, we don’t really care how you pull. Just do your thing, and I think that really embodies what this team is all about.” –Jay Bruce [New York Post]

As long as “being yourself” equals “being good at baseball” then you’re right.

“I am very aware how people felt [about my play last season]. As a human being, you want people to like you. I don’t concern myself with it consciously because it doesn’t matter, but at the end of the day I believe I will perform. I just believe if I am myself, people will like me.” –Jay Bruce [New York Post]

This might be the most boastful quote of Duda’s career.

“It’s a question, do you be aggressive or kind of wait [O’Flaherty] out? I decided to be aggressive, and it paid off.” –Lucas Duda [New York Post]

Neil Walker quote game is a bit rusty.

"[Asdrubal Cabrera] put us on his back today and got us on the board. It was really good." –Neil Walker [NJ]

Past tense. Ow, my heart.

“To be honest, I do still feel at home here. We’ve had a great kind of relationship.” –Bartolo Colon [Newsday]

deGrom was right.

"I told [Bartolo Colon] when he came out to warm up, I said, 'Are you swinging tonight? And he just laughed. So I had a feeling he was going to be swinging." –Jacob deGrom [NJ]

Good to know his new manager gets it.

"[When asked about Colon holding on to the bat as he ran toward first base on a sixth-inning groundout] I figure at his age and with his 20 years in the big leagues, he can do whatever the hell he wants." –Brian Snitker [Mets]

Hey, our medical staff was right about something.

“It was pretty miserable pain, and that’s why I kept asking, ‘Can a nerve do this?’I guess they were right because I don’t feel it anymore.” Jacob deGrom [New York Times]

deGrom’s fifth pitch of his first start was 98 MPH.

“Last year, it felt like all I could do to get to 93 or 94.” -Jacob deGrom [New York Times]

We all wish David was on the field, as well.

“The disappointment level is high. I wish there is something else I could do to get ready, but there is nothing. That’s how you kind of maybe soften the disappointment of not being ready, is that I am doing everything I possibly can and that is how I go about it. I wish I was on the field, of course, but I just can’t.” –David Wright [New York Post]

Seriously, can we please win it all for David?

“We’re in a position now where this team is built to win, so when I do come back I have to be ready to produce and not get back just for the sake of getting back, because this is really a deep team. I am not going to risk hurting this team for the sake of saying, ‘OK, I am back from neck surgery, I am back from my shoulder woes.’ When I’m back I want to be able to produce” –David Wright [New York Post]

Listen to your friend Jose.

“It’s tough. That is something I was looking forward to, playing with [David Wright] in the same infield. It seems like we have to wait a little bit. Try to get healthy, don’t try to do it too soon. Wait until you’re ready and then try to come back.” –Jose Reyes [New York Post]

It took all of me not to include every Q&A with Keith but here are some highlights, do yourself a favor and read the whole article.

“Q: You’ve been around some great Mets teams and a few lousy ones. What’s your prediction for 2017?

A: I feel more confident about this team than I’ve been in a long time, maybe all the way back to 2006. They’re no longer rookies finding their way. They’ve been to the World Series, came close to the brass ring and after all those injuries last year still made it to the playoffs. The younger players finally feel like they’re major leaguers; they’re over the hump.”

Q: Were you this impatient as a player?

A: I was, but not necessarily because of the length of the games. We had our share of 2:45’s and three-hour games. It’s the bad fundamentals that I had a problem with. That bothered me than and did even after I retired until about 2010, when I read a book about Frankie Frisch (The Pilot Light and the Gas House Gang). It was an interesting perspective, since Frisch was the manager of a (Cardinals) team that beat the Tigers in the (1934) World Series.

He’d been a great player before he started managing (in 1933) and said the most difficult part about the transition was realizing there were players who just didn’t have the same ability he did. It took Frisch a long time to back off. That’s when I started to back off, too, after reading that. As long as the players I’m watching are trying, I can’t bitch. That was the best advice I ever got, and it made me tone down. I used to lose it all the time, go on rants. I don’t do that anymore.

Q: Speaking of technology, what do you think of advanced analytics?

A: I respect the way the Astros use them. Look at what Theo Epstein has done. Sandy (Alderson) is a sabermetrics guy. There are some good things in those analytics, but I’m an old dinosaur. I don’t know what half the acronyms mean; I don’t care about OPS. All I’m interested in is a guy who’s clutch, late (innings and with the score) close. We had (Darryl) Strawberry and (Kevin) McReynolds, they were clutch. Too many guys drive in 90 runs and aren’t worth a shit after the seventh inning.” –Keith Hernandez [North Jersey]

Ron also wants to get in on the adult language.

“Q: Robert Gsellman?

Athlete. No fear. Confidence through the roof. Those are the kinda guys you want out there when the shit hits the fan. And also, in this day and age, where pitch counts are so important, he’s a guy that pitches to contact, wants the ball put in play, and you wouldn’t be surprised if over seven innings he had 80 pitches.” –Ron Darling [New York Post]

Unfortunately for my future children, I do not possess this “great DNA.”

“Some people have great DNA. [Noah Syndergaard] has great DNA. His work ethic is above and beyond. He does yoga and Pilates. He does everything that you can do to make yourself stronger and more limber.” –Dan Warthen [New York Times]

Pretty impressive that Freeman knows how a pitcher approaches batters that swing from the opposite side that he does. Also, can the Braves please trade this guy to an AL team.

"[Syndergaard] threw a lot more two-seamers in to righties and usually stayed away with four-seamers. He just switched up his game plan today. We'll have to switch up ours the next time we see him." –Freddie Freeman [MLB]

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“I honestly believe Tim Tebow would have had better at bats than Duda and Reyes last night.” -Knurk

AA Quote of the Week

“Tom Boswell writes everyone can agree that Dusty deserves a ring. No clownshoes we can’t agree, now get to writing your next propaganda piece.” -graves9

“Then he should get married.” -hotchipwillbreakyourlegs