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Final Score: Mets 5, Marlins 2—Bats come alive, Thor’s arm still very live

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The Mets won the series finale behind their ace.

Miami Marlins v New York Mets Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Mets salvaged the final game of the series against the Marlins on Sunday night, topping Miami by a score of 5-2. Noah Syndergaard showed no ill effects of the blister that pushed his start back a day, throwing seven scintillating innings, striking out nine and walking none while allowing just two runs—one earned—on five hits.

The Mets’ offense has strugged early in the season, but they showed up tonight. They got off to a fast start, putting up a three-spot in the first inning that could’ve been even more, but they left the bases loaded. It wouldn’t be as easy the rest of the night, but Jay Bruce and Michael Conforto both added solo shots to cap off the offensive output.

Full recap to follow.

GameThread Roll Call

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