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This Week In SNY: Mets booth highlights from April 26 through May 5

In this edition of TWISNY, we get a tour of the Braves’ new home SunTrust Park: from the broadcasting booths to the sleep room and even the zip line. All of that and more inside!

A pleasant good evening and welcome to This Week In SNY! Gary, Keith, and Ron are here and we’ll hear from Steve Gelbs soon, too. Today on TWISNY, we’ll check in on the Noah Syndergaard hair hats, take a tour all around SunTrust Park, and even learn a new word with Keith! Let’s get started.

Wednesday, April 26

In the bottom of the fifth, Gary read a promo for the Noah Syndergaard hair hat freebie, which was coming up on the May 6. Once he finished with the promo, SNY decided to have somebody model the hair hat in the booth. Meet Russ, SNY’s Noah Syndergaard hair hat model!

While standing in the booth, Russ creepily stroked the hair hat just as you would expect a hair hat model to do. Below is Russ’s close up wearing the hair hat, which you frankly won’t be able to unsee after you scroll down (there’s your trigger warning).

Gary and Ronnie took their shots at Russ, as they are wont to do.

Ronnie: “Russ, you look like Joe Dirt.”

Gary: “Looks a little too good on you, Russ.”

Well done, Russ. TWISNY thinks you have a career in hair modeling to fall back on if your SNY gig doesn’t pan out. Also could somebody please get our readers some eye bleach?

Monday, May 1

Freddie Freeman just barely—yet still pretty obviously—got hit by a pitch to lead off the 4th inning but Terry Collins decided he was going to challenge the call anyway. Of course, the guys got antsy waiting for the replay review to end, as they typically do.

Keith (talking about Terry and the Mets replay assistant): “Is there any punishment if they’re wrong down there?”

Gary: “I think you’ll have to inquire. I know the stocks have been outlawed.”

Ronnie (off-mic but picked up faintly by somebody else’s mic): “They have to eat in the media dining room.”

To compensate for their antsiness, the guys decided to have a little fun in the top of the 8th with the Atlanta broadcasters. The home television booth is right next door to the road booth but for whatever reason, it’s separated by a black drape on the home side that Chip Caray opened up for some reason, along with a glass window. See?

Keith first tried tapping on the window with his finger to get Chip’s attention but he must have been tapping too softly because Chip didn’t hear him.

So then, Keith got a brilliant idea and decided to bring out the big guns –– the cane. AND IT WORKED!

Just look at how excited Ronnie is, he’s like a happy little kid!

It’s time for Nitpicking with TWISNY! During the postgame show, the SNY ticker relayed a pretty impressive stat compiled by Royals outfielder Jorge Bonifacio in his team’s game. Amazing!

This has been Nitpicking with TWISNY.

Hat tip to @mhalpert1 on Twitter for keeping a watchful eye and pointing this out!

Tuesday, May 2

Let’s check in with Steve Gelbs, who did a rundown of all the cool stuff in the Braves clubhouse at SunTrust Park! There’s a room with 5 big screen tv’s and 13 leather chairs, including one of those Sharper Image style massage chairs that I always wished my family had when I was a kid.

There’s a video game room with what looks like a bunch of old school games in it (also we’re assuming that’s Steve Gelbs’s hand!).

There’s drawers full of games like dominoes and cribbage, most likely for the old timers on the roster like Bartolo Colon, R.A. Dickey, and the coaches to play.

If the guys don’t want to play games, there’s also a quiet room with aromatherapy candles and even a sleep room with bunk beds!

Keith got a nice laugh at the expense of the aromatherapy room but seemed to be a big fan of the sleep room.

Keith: “I would’ve been a regular resident on a Sunday afternoon game. I would’ve gone in there and said ‘Davey, can I not have BP? I’m gonna go to the bunk bed.’ ”

Hmmm I wonder why that would be the case, Keith? <insert endless number of thinking guy emojis here>

Wednesday, May 3

SNY featured Emilio Bonifacio’s pre-at bat warmup technique and Keith was very fascinated with it. Would Keith have had those hops?

Keith: <incredulous> “What is he doing?!”

Gary: “He’s warming up, Keith!”

Keith: “Oh my goodness! I tell ya what – I never thought of that! I should’ve tried that.”

Gary: “Do you think you would’ve had those hops? I mean before the knee problem.”

Keith laughed and then didn’t say anything, so I think we know his answer.

In the top of the ninth inning, the Mets tacked on a bunch of runs against Matt Wisler to go up by 11. Thanks to the late hour due to the Braves’ 7:30 PM starts and some bad pitching to boot, Keith was extra salty and ready for the game to end and he showed his enthusiasm by letting out a little “WOO HOO!”. Keep your ears open...

Thursday, May 4

It’s the return of our favorite new pregame segment Irrational Tweet Theater starring “our friend” Gary Apple! Let’s see how Gare’s sophomore offering fared.

Very nice. Gary has the robe, the pipe, the book, and now a smooth martini instead of the soda. That’s a quality upgrade. All are great props that really help play up the schtick but if Gary and the SNY pregame crew really want to go all in on this, I think he needs to add a fez to the equation. My friends: just a suggestion but a quality one, in my opinion.

Let’s check in again with Steve Gelbs! After 3+ innings in Atlanta, the rains wiped out a Mets 3-1 lead, Jay Bruce’s 10 home run, and Zack Wheeler’s start. What it didn’t wipe out, however, was Steve Gelbs’s best moment of the young season. Along with all of those sweet perks for the players that we referenced above, SunTrust Park also has a zip line in its kids area. After much anticipation from many online throughout the series, it was Steve’s turn to finally take a ride!

Keith, of course, was incredulous over Steve’s hand motion, with Gary calling it a “generational thing.” Let’s see that one again in slow motion...

Oh hell yes, that’s the good shit.

Friday, May 5

We close out TWISNY with another edition of Vocabulary with Keith! When Yoenis Cespedes went way yard in Miami a couple of weeks back, Keith introduced us to the word “bomb-a-roni,” his way of saying Yo hit a monster dinger. Well, Curtis Granderson crushed a home run of his own during the fourth inning of this game and Keith had a new word to describe the pitch thrown by Marlins starter Tom Koehler.

Ahh the ol’ Pipe-a-roni, the exact same suffix as Bomb-a-roni! So where exactly is the pipe-a-roni, you may be asking?

Oh, there it is. Good on Keith being the family friendly guy he is because in the baseball parlance of our times, there is another name for that location: down the dick. Dick high: let it fly, Curtis!

So that’s all we have for this week. Thanks go out to Chris McShane for keeping an eye out for us! Remember, if you're watching Mets games on SNY and you witness a moment that should be featured in This Week in SNY, send us an email to or tweet it to us @AmazinAvenue or @sschreiber13 with the inning (bottom or top), the number of outs, the count (if possible), and the hashtag #TWISNY!

This Week In SNY was created by former Amazin' Avenue contributor James Kannengieser. You can read all of his entries here. We hope you enjoy this reboot!