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Final score: Diamondbacks 7, Mets 3—Hansel Woebles

If you didn’t stay up to watch the end of this Mets game, you won.

New York Mets v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Mets lost their fifth-straight game on Monday night, this time a 7-3 defeat at the hands of the Diamondbacks. Although Zack Wheeler went six-plus innings and gave up just one run, the team’s offense scored just one run early before the team’s bullpen gave up six runs in the eighth inning to turn a tie game into a large Arizona lead.

Wilmer Flores hit a pinch-hit two-run home run in the ninth, but it was too little, too late. Of those six runs allowed by the bullpen, five belonged to Hansel Robles, who served up a pair of home runs and has gone from a 1.42 ERA on Sunday morning to a 5.23 ERA today.

The season’s up-and-down nature has continued, as the team’s 8-4 stretch, during which it won four series in a row, seems like a distant memory now that they’ve lost five games in a row.

Full recap to follow.

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