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Noah Syndergaard injury: Thor travels to Los Angeles for second opinion on torn lat

New York’s ace could be out until after the All-Star break.

New York Mets v Washington Nationals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The recent lat injury to Noah Syndergaard was the cherry on top of a bad news sundae that Mets fans have had to power their way through this season like an ambitious dessert-lover trying to win an eating challenge. With key offensive players also on the shelf and Matt Harvey not looking so hot, the postseason looks like a faraway dream right now.

The Mets still have plenty of talent to hang in the race, though, and while they do, Syndergaard will do his best to return to full strength as quickly as possible. That’s why he’s travelling to Los Angeles to get a second opinion on that lat injury. According to the New York Post’s baseball insider Joel Sherman, Syndergaard is set to miss around three months based on current estimates. That would put him on pace to reappear at Citi Field in early August.

Syndergaard’s injury has been mighty disappointing for Mets fans, but it hasn’t been as bad for reporters looking to stir up drama. That’s because the injury occurred just days after the right-hander refused to get an MRI for a seemingly minor biceps issue. Naturally, the popular opinion formed that the new lat injury was somehow connected to the biceps issue, but the team is saying that’s not true.

Before getting hurt, Syndergaard was one of the best pitchers in the majors with 30 strikeouts, zero walks, and a 1.73 ERA over his first four starts.