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This Week In SNY: Mets Booth Highlights from May 7 through May 15

Keith knows Mets fans love to torture themselves, Ronnie takes a call from Mother Darling while on TV, and Gary has his most bizarre home run call yet!

A pleasant good afternoon everyone and welcome to This Week In SNY! Gary, Keith, and Ron are here and Steve Gelbs will join us in a little bit. We have lots of Nitpicking to do in this edition of TWISNY and there’s quite a bit of cursing, both from Keith and from the players.

May 7, 2017

It’s time for Nitpicking with TWISNY! The Mets and Marlins met up on Sunday afternoon with the Mets looking to complete a sweep. Unfortunately, the day was anything but rosy for the Mets as the team suspended Matt Harvey just hours before he was supposed to make the start and called up journeyman Adam Wilk to start in his place. While discussing Harvey’s suspension, SNY flashed up his stats from “this season.”

Wow, did you know Matt Harvey was having that great a year? Or that he’d already made 10 starts in just over a month? Amazing! Unfortunately, those are his stats from his rookie season of 2012 that for whatever reason SNY tried to pass off as this year’s numbers. This has been Nitpicking with TWISNY!

But wait! It’s time now for a BONUS Nitpicking with TWISNY! Just a few innings later in the top of the 7th, Gary and Ronnie were talking about the Cardinals starting pitchers leading the league in ERA when Ronnie made a little boo boo.

Ah yes, that’s good old St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher/forward Carmelo Martinez! Not only is he struggling a little with his control but we’ve also heard that he can’t play defense and that Phil Jackson is trying to trade him away from the Cardinals. Weird. This has been Nitpicking with TWISNY.

May 8, 2017

We won’t share the replay here – TWISNY wants to preserve your sanity – but SNY showed the replay of Conor Gillaspie’s Wild Card game home run. After Gary told Mets fans to “shield your eyes, if you must,” Keith had this to add:

Keith: “Gary, Mets fans love to torture themselves. They were wide-eyed watching that at home.”

In the top of the third, Ronnie disappeared for a few pitches. Why?

Ronnie: “Sorry, I wasn’t on the headset there. My mother called me, I’m having dinner with her on Friday night because of Mother’s Day. I had to answer and tell her very quickly that we’re having dinner on Friday. I apologize, guys.

Well that’s sweet. I think Gary and Keith can understand that a call from Mother Darling has to be taken! Gary seemed very interested.

Gary: “How’s Mom doing?”

Ronnie: “She’s doing fantastic. They went through a little bad spell there but they played golf today.”

What sort of a “bad spell” is Ronnie alluding to here? We’ll never know because Keith added a little levity to the moment.

Keith: “Mrs.’re not watching your son.”

Look at how judgmental Keith is! And how sad Ronnie is when he realizes his mom isn’t watching him announce.

Hey everyone, Giants outfielder Gorkys Hernandez has a secret message in his eye black! What does it mean? Hopefully it’s better than Yunel Escobar’s message.

The guys each had their own interpretations, including Keith’s more vulgar one.

May 9, 2017

SNY opened the broadcast with Gary and Keith in the booth but having read SNY’s excellent “The Road Ahead” graphic, we know that this game was supposed to be a GKR game!

So the question is...where’s Ronnie?

There he is, enjoying a look at Zack Wheeler’s mechanics from the stands. Hi Ronnie!

Please enjoy this very bizarre home run call by Gare in the bottom of the 7th:

Now there’s a lot going on here, so let’s recap:

<Conforto swings>

<Samardzija screams>

Gare: Conforto gets a hold of one to deep right-center...

Ronnie: GONE!

Gare: ...Pence gives it a courtesy...

<random high-pitched scream startles Gare>

Gare: ...but it is in the seats. A home run for Michael Conforto.

Did you get all of that?

May 12, 2017

Keith came up with a nickname for the the Brewers catcher. Does Bandy have a Bad Reputation? Maybe he loves Rock & Roll. If I were Keith, I would Hate Myself For Loving You (bad puns, of course). Okay, that’s enough Joan Jett song titles for us.

In the bottom of the 3rd, Travis Shaw swung through a Matt Harvey meatball and he was quite pissed at himself.

Apparently, SNY missed Shaw’s potty mouth and decided to air the clip again not once but twice and both times with the sound on. Keith, of course, caught it each time and had a great quip for Gare.

May 15, 2017

The Mets traveled to Arizona, which was the place where Keith suffered his knee injury that he’s scheduled to have surgery on in the coming weeks. We got to re-live some of Keith and the crew’s hiking adventure but in case you missed it, we covered it more extensively last August..

In the bottom of the 4th, home plate umpire Rob Drake called a very questionable strike 2 on Diamondbacks outfielder Yasmany Tomas. Here’s the location:

This awful strike call by Drake allowed Gary to jump into a Seinfeld reference!

Gary: Tomas was thinking “hate the Drake!” Wheeler’s thinking “love the Drake!”

Keith let out a little chuckle but didn’t seem too amused. Maybe he doesn’t know Seinfeld as well as we hoped he did.

Guess what? It’s time once more for Nitpicking with TWISNY! One of TWISNY’s longest running traditions is pointing SNY’s misspelling of Paul Goldschmidt’s last name. Well, SNY had no issue with that this series but they did have an issue with two players on the Mets.

This has been Nitpicking with TWISNY!

Finally, with 2 outs in the 8th inning, Neil Walker doubled down the left field line and the Chase Field security guard not only made himself a part of the play but even tried to assist left fielder Yasmany Tomas! Gary and Keith had a field day.

That’s it for this week. Thanks, as always, go out to Chris McShane for keeping an eye out for us! Remember, if you're watching Mets games on SNY and you witness a moment that should be featured in This Week in SNY, send us an email to or tweet it to us @AmazinAvenue or @sschreiber13 with the inning (bottom or top), the number of outs, the count (if possible), and the hashtag #TWISNY!

This Week In SNY was created by former Amazin' Avenue contributor James Kannengieser. You can read all of his entries here. We hope you enjoy this reboot!