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Final score: Mets 6, Giants 1—Wheeler and the offense make it easy

The Mets beat the Giants again.

San Francisco Giants v New York Mets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Mets beat the Giants again tonight at Citi Field, this time 6-1. They scored four runs off Jeff Samardzija in the bottom of the first inning, thanks in part to a terrible misplay by Eduardo Nunez in left field that officially went down as a two-run triple off the bat of Neil Walker.

Riveras Rene and T.J. had good nights at the plate, and Zack Wheeler had the first good start by a Mets pitcher in quite a while. He went six innings and gave up one run on two hits. He struck out four and walked four, but overall, it was a good start.

If there was anything to gripe about in the game, it was merely that the Mets used their best relievers to maintain a fairly big lead. But Hansel Robles, Jerry Blevins, Addison Reed, and Jeurys Familia prevented the Giants from scoring at all, and the victory was pretty easy as a result.

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