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Mets Player Performance Meter: Position players, June 5-11

A quick review of how the Mets’ position players fared over the past week

New York Mets v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

While the Mets’ pitching was pretty good over the past week, the team’s hitters played well, too, at least for the most part. With an outfield logjam back in place on the active roster, nearly all of the team’s outfielders absolutely raked over the past week. The only who didn’t might give some fans cause for concern that he’ll miss out on playing time.

Jay Bruce hit three home runs and had a .348/.348/.826 line with a 207 wRC+ for the week, one of his best weeks of the year and his best in a while.

Fellow outfielder Michael Conforto was the one who struggled, relatively speaking, though he still had an above-league-average week with a 108 wRC+.

Lucas Duda had been outstanding but proved he was human with a .167/.211/.222 week at the plate.

I have no clue what’s going on with Asdrubal Cabrera at shortstop, but he had just a 70 wRC+ for the week, which is not the best combination.

Yoenis Cespedes returned from the disabled list at least than 100 percent—because of course he did—and hit a grand slam in the only game he started—because of course he did.

Travis d'Arnaud has great weeks with the bat, but this one—.125/.167/.500 with two home runs—was very strange.

Maybe Wilmer Flores, who hit .391/.407/.565 this week, is really this good at hitting. Among the 372 players who have made at least 60 plate appearances this year, his 128 wRC+ on the season ranks 70th.

Not to be outdone by Jay Bruce, Curtis Granderson was the Mets’ second-best hitter over the past week with a couple of home runs, a .308/.500/.846 line, and a 239 wRC+.

Juan Lagares had a 213 wRC+ for the week because baseball is strange. And perhaps he was properly deployed.

Rene Rivera has mostly been a pleasant surprise as a hitter, even if that hasn’t meant he’s been outstanding, but this week, he put up a stinker.

T.J. Rivera hit a home run but was below league average overall at the plate this week and was sent to the minors as the Mets got players back from the DL.

Jose Reyes had another with with a negative wRC+—this time at -9—and that’s really not surprising at this point. Of those 372 players mentioned earlier, he ranks 348th in wRC+.

Matt Reynolds was optioned to Vegas, but before doing so he had two plate appearances and did not reach base.

And although he missed a few games with a knee issue, Neil Walker continued to hit the hell out of the ball when he played. This week, he led the team with a 277 wRC+, one home run, and a ridiculous .444/.667/.778 line.