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MLB Draft Open Thread: Rounds one and two, 6/12/17

The Mets will select at number 20.

MLB First Year Player Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Tonight begins the 2017 MLB amateur draft, with the first two rounds—and their respective competitive-balance rounds—occurring this evening. The Mets have the 20th overall pick in the first round with an assigned slot value of $2,994,500. This year, the Mets have a pool of $6,212,500 to spend in the first 10 rounds, which is roughly $1.4 million less than last year. Any team going up to 5 percent over its allotted pool will be taxed at a 75-percent rate on the overage. A team that overspends by 5-10 percent gets a 75-percent tax plus the loss of a first-round pick. A team that goes 10-15 percent over its pool amount will be hit with a 100-percent penalty on the overage, and the loss of a first- and second-round pick. Any overage of 15 percent or more gets a 100-percent tax, plus the loss of first-round picks in the next two Drafts.

Draft-eligible players come from a variety of backgrounds. The following players residing in the United States and its territories are eligible to be drafted:

  • All college juniors and seniors
  • College freshmen and sophomores at four-year programs who are at least 21 years of age at the time of the draft
  • All junior college players, regardless of age
  • High school seniors

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