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This Week in Mets Quote: Mets apologize for Mr. Mets behavior, Sandy supports Terry

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

MLB: San Diego Padres at New York Mets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Your 2017 New York Mets: I just fucked it up.

“I just fucked it up.” –Asdrubal Cabrera [New York Post]

When you’re out of tears, you might as well laugh.

“There is no excuse for it. I’m just laughing right now — thank you J.B. [Bruce], you did it for me. You made my night tonight and I’m happy to get that win.” –Asdrubal Cabrera [New York Post]

Jay Bruce throwing shade at the fans/journalist/impartial observers.

“We’re just playing and we have a pretty consistent approach. We don’t get too worked up. We let everybody else do that.” –Jay Bruce [New York Post]

What did Matt Harvey do this time...oh?

“We apologize for the inappropriate action of this employee. We do not condone this type of behavior. We are dealing with this matter internally.” -Mets PR [Amazin’ Avenue]

Well, at least they’re not going out there to lose yet.

"The mindset is always to go out there and win the game. I think there's always that sense of urgency. I know absolutely from our coaching staff all the way down to the roster, we're going out there to win." –Michael Conforto [MLB]


“I certainly don’t know if it was the reason, but everybody was up in arms when I took [Jacob deGrom] out after 118 pitches the other night in Pittsburgh. Sometimes after a game like that, your arm doesn’t bounce back that fast. There’s a chance that he just didn’t have enough rest. [Asked if that could be construed as the manager second-guessing himself] No, because I said I wasn’t going to push him to 120, and I didn’t. He was fine. But sometimes when you do that, the next start isn’t as sharp.” –Terry Collins [New York Times]

deGrom doesn’t throw his manager under the bus.

"I was just bad tonight -- honestly, terrible. I couldn't throw the ball where I wanted to. … Tonight's on me. I couldn't keep our team in position to win." –Jacob deGrom [Mets]

Old man yells at cloud and to buy his wine.


Oh good, a Met player is confident in his health.

“Maybe August or maybe September. I am feeling good, everything is going good. So I hope.” –Jeurys Familia [New York Daily News]

Who had the most canned quote: Player A or…

"Ground balls. That's what I like. Easy outs.” –Robert Gsellman [MLB]

Player B…

"I'm just ready to hit, as simple as that.” –Wilmer Flores [MLB]

Or Player C.

"I struggled a little bit.” –Rafael Montero [MLB]

SandyBot transmit his approval of Terry Collins.

"All I can say is nobody has talked to me about that. I am happy with the job that Terry has done under the circumstances. Nobody is happy with the win-loss record we have. I think there are reasons for the record that we have that have nothing to do with Terry. So I would hope in the future when people write about my views of Terry that they will actually ask me about my views. End of quote." –Sandy Alderson [New York Daily News]

Might want to change whatever ab program he’s using.

“It’s part of the job. You take the body blows; that’s what this job’s all about. I do my ab work every day so I can get through them.” –Terry Collins [New York Times]

How’s Matt Harvey Feeling: Good…

“The biggest part of today, when I got in trouble and had some runners in scoring position, when I needed that strikeout, like I have in the past, it was there. So that was definitely a positive. I have always known I was going to get back to where I wanted to be. Obviously it has taken a little bit of time and it’s been frustrating for me, but a lot of the work has been paying off and it’s a huge positive for me executing those pitches.” –Matt Harvey [New York Post]

…real good.

“I didn’t think I was going to wear [the crown] pretty much all year, but it fits nice.” –Matt Harvey [New York Post]

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