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This Week In SNY: Mets Booth Highlights from May 16 through May 31

The guys catch Howie Rose texting, Keith gives Ronnie a lesson on the weather, and an SNY staffer tries to cheat at the between innings Citi Field truck race!

A pleasant good afternoon everyone and welcome to This Week In SNY! We’ve got a jam packed edition of TWISNY lined up for you featuring moments from the Mets television booth, from the middle to the end of May. Gary, Keith, and Ron are here, Steve will join us too, and we’ll have guest appearances from Pete the SNY staffer, Al the cameraman, Howie and Josh, and even Matthew Broderick! Let’s get to the action in the booth.

Tuesday, May 16

We lead off this edition of TWISNY with a little Social Media Fundies and this one’s for all you kids out there! One of the most important lessons in broadcasting is to never forget your gear and Gary evidently forgot his beautiful navy blue SNY polo shirt. Here he is wearing a horizontal striped Seton Hall Pirates polo.

What happens when Gary forgets his SNY Polo. The old Gelbs/Gare switcheroo for tonight's open. #GaryKeithRon #sny @snytv

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Luckily for Gare, Steve Gelbs came to the rescue and traded polos with Gare so he could record the open of the broadcast. Steve Gelbs is one hell of a team player, isn’t he.

Friday, May 19

It’s time for Nitpicking With TWISNY! The Mets were headed into the bottom of the 8th inning with a 3-0 lead over the Angels and they had these three guys coming up to the plate...

Man, I know Terry works the bullpen hard but Paul Sewald has aged really quickly. Can you guess who that’s a picture of off the top of your head?

If you guessed assistant hitting coach Pat Roessler, congratulations! You’re a true Mets nerd. Go read an encyclopedia, geek.

This has been Nitpicking With TWISNY.

Tuesday, May 23

Famous actor and big Mets fan Matthew Broderick joined Gary and Ronnie in the booth for the top of the 3rd inning! He even brought his son, who’s sitting in the back on the high chair, with him.

It’s a good thing Keith wasn’t there because I don’t know how the guys would’ve dealt with a fifth person in the booth. Do they have a second high chair for this situation? A bar stool? How about a director’s chair? I think that’s kind of a pompous look. Gare and Ronnie talked with Ferris Bueller for a mostly uneventful half inning, so we’ll just move on now.

Thursday, May 25

SNY opened up the bottom of the 6th inning with a recap of the Citi Field truck race that they do in between innings. Why? Because SNY staffer Pete was in the race, manning the blue truck. Go Pete, go! Look at that gigantic lead!

The silver car proved to be a stiff competitor to Pete and he took matters into his own hands, or specifically his own right hand. Because of this, we took the liberty of labeling Pete a cheater and then reveling in his defeat at the hands of the silver truck. Well done, silver truck. This Week In SNY simply cannot and will not tolerate cheating during in-between innings Citi Field truck races.

In the bottom of the seventh, Ronnie said a couple of random words on air and then immediately went silent. Why? He accidentally missed the cough button! Gary was thankful that Ronnie’s words weren’t bad ones like somebody they know...

Gary: “I like the fact that when you miss the cough button you say innocuous things, not like the other guy.”

Ronnie: “I know, I mean I usually don’t do that. What happens occasionally folks is that the truck will be talking to me and say something and I’ll answer them on air, as you just listened to and I apologize but every once in a while it happens.”

Gary: “Again...innocuous. Nothing we have to explain away or write a letter of apology for.”

The other guy? Who in the world could Gary be talking about?

Gary: “Hi Keith, I know you’re watching.”

Friday, May 26

In case you didn’t realize it last time, Keith really likes the sleeping room in SunTrust Park.

Gary: “As we’ve seen, SunTrust Park is going to yield a lot of runs. Poor Bartolo Colon, he picked the worst possible year to go to Atlanta and try to pitch there.”

Keith: “I agree with you, it is a bandbox. But I do love that sleeping room! They have the bunks. I really like that!”

Gary suggested SNY should make ballpark amenity tours a recurring series in other ballparks, an idea that TWISNY fully endorses, but Keith wasn’t really listening.

Keith: Folks, if you didn’t see that when we were in Atlanta, they have a quiet room for the players with aromatherapy. Think about that. I don’t want my players mellow before a game. I want them up and to have angst, ready to rip someone’s throat out! Not sitting there going “Oh, how nice. I feel great today.”

Tuesday, May 30

After Ronnie made a mistake on his scorecard, he divulged the fact that he redoes his scorecard after every game. Keith’s reaction was priceless.

Ronnie: I already have a wrong scorecard. 5-3?

Gary: The first one.

Keith: I got Wite-Out for you, Ron. That looks terrible!

Ronnie: No, I redo my scorecard the next day, so...

Keith: You do? What are you, nuts?

Gary really enjoyed Keith’s reaction.

There are lots of great versions of Keith to listen for during Mets games. Extra innings Keith is a fun, whimsical Keith. Blowout Keith is a Keith worth sticking around for, even if the Mets are losing. But for us at TWISNY, Exasperated Keith is often a personal favorite Keith. In this game, we were lucky enough to get not one but TWO late game Exasperated Keith moments.

The first came in the 7th inning when Asdrubal Cabrera dropped a popup off the bat of Brewers catcher Jett Bandy. The dropped popup was bad enough but it was the baserunning of Brewers outfielder Domingo Santana, who didn’t know how many outs there were, that truly set Keith off.

Keith: We’ll take a peek at the runners here, it’s the back runner I’m curious about.

Ronnie: He didn’t know how many outs there were!

Keith: LOOK AT THIS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Oh my god! I’m sorry, that’s a fine. Oh that’s unacceptable. That’s embarrassing.

The second Exasperated Keith of the night came in the top of the 12th inning when Brewers catcher Manny Pina slid awfully into second base. Pina was originally called safe but on a replay review, the call was overturned.

Ronnie: He might’ve had him. You know why? Pina’s slide he hits and...

Keith: <voice cracks> TERRIBLE SLIDE!

Ronnie: ...his right leg’s in the air!

Keith: Jeeeeez, you get paid for that? Look at this terrible slide! <audible sigh> They need to break out the sliding pants for Pina. Get him out on the outfield and slide like in the minor league days. My god. Jeez!

Wednesday, May 31

SNY previewed The Road Ahead in the bottom of the 3rd inning and as you’ll notice, Keith’s little John Stossel like graphic goes missing after the Thursday afternoon June 1 game with the Brewers. Why is that?

Keith was scheduled to finally go under the knife to fix his knee “early in the morning” on Friday, June 2 at Hospital for Special Surgery!

Keith: They’re gonna do my partial knee replacement and I can’t wait because I’m tired of hurtin’.

That’s the face of a man who’s really hurting. Ronnie and Keith of course have a great kinship going back to their days as teammates, so Ronnie was clearly thinking of Keith’s best interests with his next question.

Ronnie: Is your living will all set up?

<Gary busts out laughing>

Ronnie: You know, just in case! Things happen! You know.

Keith: You’re not gonna have the right to pull the plug on me. It’s not you.

After this exchange, SNY brilliantly flashed up this drawing of Keith, sans mustache, in his hospital bed after surgery. The GQ magazine cover in the hospital room seems a bit vain but at least Keith gets to watch his buddies broadcast a game at Shea Stadium while he recuperates.

In the bottom of the 6th, the booth received a delivery: share size bags of Caramel M&M’s, courtesy of Steve Gelbs!

As Gare pointed out, despite the bags being labeled “Share Size,” the booth received three bags meaning they couldn’t share them amongst themselves. So what did the guys do? They tossed them down to Al the cameraman!

Keith: Al, I feel like I’m at the zoo and you’re one of those animals that wants to get fed.

SNY opened the top of the 7th inning showing legendary Brewers broadcaster Bob Uecker leaving the booth for a break, a perk that Keith immediately wanted written into his contract. When Gary informed Keith and Ronnie that Howie Rose and Josh Lewin have a similar agreement, SNY’s cameras focused in on the WOR radio booth where they found Josh announcing and Howie...texting???

Ronnie: Look at that, Josh is looking at Howie like “Howie, give me something” and Howie’s like “forget about it.”

Keith: Howie, you get paid for that?

Ronnie: Howie’s like “Josh, you love to talk. Why don’t you just take care of it. I’m trying to text over here.”

As the inning progressed, the rain began to fall a little harder at Citi Field, so the guys took on a secondary job as meteorologists! Thankfully, Keith is on top of these things and informed the booth that the front was going to move through very quickly. Ronnie didn’t buy it, though.

Ronnie: How do you know that?

Keith: Well, look behind us!

And a weather map appeared!

Keith: That’s what we’ve gotta worry about, coming from that left flank here. Here it comes. Oh, it’s supposed to go north of us!

Ronnie: Wait, what’s worse? The green or the yellow and red?

Keith: What do you think, Mel? Jeeeez!

Keith had little tolerance for Ronnie’s obvious lack of weather knowledge. Gary, on the other hand, was just happy that the booth got boxes of Peanut M&M’s!

That wraps up our latest edition of This Week In SNY! Remember, if you're watching Mets games on SNY and you witness a moment that should be featured in This Week in SNY, you can send us an email to or tweet it to us either @AmazinAvenue or @sschreiber13 with the inning (bottom or top), the number of outs, the count (if possible), and the hashtag #TWISNY!

This Week In SNY was created by former Amazin' Avenue contributor James Kannengieser. You can read all of his entries here. We hope you enjoy this reboot!