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Tyler Pill will start for the Mets on Wednesday in Los Angeles

The six-man rotation lives!

Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Mets have said that they will start Tyler Pill against the Dodgers on Wednesday night. Before last night’s game, Anthony DiComo tweeted that either Montero or Pill would start on Wednesday. With Montero needed to mop up after another Zack Wheeler disaster, Pill was the only logical option remaining.

The Mets wouldn’t need a spot starter if they had eliminated the six-man rotation when Matt Harvey landed on the disabled list last week. However, instead of starting Steven Matz on normal rest this week (his last start was on Friday), the six-man rotation will stay alive with Pill serving as the extra guy. That might be good for the health of the pitching staff, but it doesn’t give New York a better chance to win games.

During his last big league start, Pill allowed five runs in five innings to Pittsburgh back on June 4. However, he’s been very successful as a starter in Las Vegas this year with a 1.71 ERA in 63.1 innings despite just 29 strikeouts. Pill has been remarkably fortunate with home runs this year, allowing just two at Triple-A and none in the majors, so maybe the chickens will come home to roost eventually, but hopefully they’ll hold off until after Pill’s done with the Dodgers on Wednesday.