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Recapping the New York Mets 2017 MLB Draft

With the 2017 MLB Draft in the books, we analyze of each of the Mets’ selections and how likely they are to sign.

The 2017 MLB Draft is complete, and it is time recap the draft as a whole. I will give a brief analysis of each pick and rank a likelihood of them signing with the Mets. Some signings have already been made official by the team and I will note those as such.

Round 1: LHP David Peterson, Oregon [Profile]

I expected Peterson to be gone before the Mets picked at 20, so this looks like good value. Not your prototypical big stuff pitcher the Mets typically covet, but can get up to 94 on the fastball with deception and great control. Put up big numbers at Oregon (144 K / 15 BB over 100.2 innings in 2017) and could be a quick riser.

Will he sign? Yes

Round 2: 3B Mark Vientos, American Heritage School (FL) [Profile]

The Mets had a first-round grade on Vientos, and there are reasons to love him. He is one of the youngest players in the draft (not turning 18 until December), if you want to truly dream on a body it is reminiscent of Manny Machado coming out of high school. He shows really quick hands, good bat speed, and has scouts dreaming of future plus power at third base.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets for $1.5 Million ($405,300 over slot)

Round 3: OF Quinn Brodey, Stanford [Profile]

He had a .927 OPS at Stanford in 2017 including 11 home runs. Brodey profiles likely as a left fielder in pro ball, but the belief is that getting out of the Stanford system—one that de-emphasizes home runs—could open up his power game even more.

Will he sign? Yes

Round 4: RHP Tony Dibrell, Kennesaw State [Profile]

Dibrell was also a Cape Cod League All-Star in 2016 but had some inconsistencies with velocity throughout the year at Kennesaw State. When Dibrell is on, you have a fastball up to 96 and a slider and changeup that can flash plus at times.’s Jim Callis threw an Edwin Jackson comparison on Dibrell. With some physical maturation and more consistency with his stuff he could end up a potential big league starter.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets for $380,000 ($33,100 under slot)

Round 5: OF Matt Winaker, Stanford [Profile]

Mets double dip with Stanford bats going Brodey and Winaker. Winaker possesses a strong frame and came into his power this spring, slugging nine home runs. He played first base primarily at Stanford but the Mets believe his athletic frame can translate into the outfield in pro ball.

Will he sign? Yes

Round 6: RHP Marcel Renteria, New Mexico State [Profile]

Renteria is the first of five consecutive college seniors drafted by the Mets. Renteria is a bit more of a prospect than your typical “senior sign,” as he has reportedly been clocked as high as 99 MPH with a curve that flashes above average. He is a bit undersized (5’11” 185 lbs) so his future may lie in the bullpen. The Mets will at least try him as a starting pitcher to begin his pro career.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets for $125,000 ($112,600 under slot)

Round 7: RHP Conner O’Neil, Cal State Northridge [Profile]

O’Neil was the closer for Cal State Northridge and works with a fastball in the 88-92 range, but his best pitch is likely his slider. He actually works primarily off the slider and mixes in a curve and a changeup to complete a four-pitch mix.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets for $10,000 ($176,200 under slot)

Round 8: RHP Trey Cobb, Oklahoma [Profile]

Cobb had a broken bone in his elbow to begin the 2017 spring, but came on strong and struck out 36 in 26.2 innings strictly out of the Oklahoma bullpen. Cobb is your prototypical sinker-slider pitcher with the sinker topping out around 95 MPH. Cobb has a deceptive delivery, working just about sidearm.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets for $20,000 ($153,400 under slot)

Round 9: RHP Cannon Chadwick, Arkansas-Fayetteville [Profile]

With a first name like Cannon, you’d be hoping he was throwing 100 MPH heat out of that right arm, but he works more in the upper 80s on his fastball with some dip in it to go with a slider. Control was a problem with him in college, but the hope is some professional coaching can help clean that up a bit.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets for $10,000 ($139,700 under slot)

Round 10: RHP Stephen Villines, Kansas [Profile]

Villines was Kansas’s closer, notching 14 saves for the Jayhawks. He works his fastball in the mid 80s with a slider and a changeup that both garner some swings and misses thanks to his sidearm delivery.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets for $10,000 ($122,300 under slot)

Round 11: OF Jack Schneider, Daviess County HS (KY) [Profile]

Schneider is a very interesting prospect as he could have been drafted as either a pitcher or an outfielder. He was up to 96 MPH on the mound, but the level of athlete he is swayed the Mets to draft him as an outfielder. He has some bat speed and shows the ability to barrel the ball, but you are looking at a big-time fielder and runner. He plays a great center field with a strong throwing arm. He ran a 6.30 60-yard dash, so range in the outfield should be considered plus. Schneider is committed to Murray State

Will he sign? I believe so. I think Mets will go over slot for Schneider with money saved earlier.

Round 12: RHP Bryce Hutchinson, DeLand HS (FL) [Profile]

Hutchinson is a big body (6’6” 245 lbs) and flashes big-time stuff including a fastball that can get up to 95 MPH with a slider that projects above average. Inconsistencies in his delivery sometimes vary the velocity and command of his stuff, but with a build like that and potential stuff like that he is a kid you'd want to try to buy out of his commitment to Mississippi State.

Will he sign? Tough one. I will say the Mets are prepared to go over slot to secure him.

Round 13: RHP Nate Peden, University HS (FL) [Profile]

Peden has a projectable 6’4” 170 pound frame. Currently his fastball tops out at 91 MPH which with maturation there is belief he will add more ticks to his fastball. He also throws a slider and curveball that project out as average offerings and a changeup that needs to be refined. Peden is the kind of arm you like to add in hopes he matures as you project.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets for $125,000

Round 14: C Matt Duce, Dallas Baptist

Duce is a solid catch-and-throw guy for whom there is much concern about his bat in pro ball.

Will he sign? Think Duce may go back to Dallas Baptist for his senior year

Round 15: SS Dylan Snypes, Oral Roberts

Snypes has an above-average arm at shortstop and hit .335/.393/.438 in college this spring.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets

Round 16: OF Raphael Gladu, Lousiana Tech

Gladu hit .378/.439/.579 with eight home runs at Louisiana Tech this year.

Will he sign? I believe he will sign

Round 17: RHP AJ Labas, Trinity Christian Academy (FL)

Labas possesses a strong 6’3” 220 pound frame with little room for projection but currently works a three-pitch mix including a fastball up to 93 MPH. His best pitch is likely a low-80s changeup that projects as an above-average offering and a curveball that has a chance to be average. Committed to North Florida

Will he sign? I will guess no. Would be a nice sign if they could get him.

Round 18: 3B Carl Stajduhar, New Mexico

Stajduhar is a power bat (44 career home runs including 17 this spring) that will end up at first base in pro ball.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets

Round 19: RHP C.J. Van Eyk, Steinbrenner HS (FL)

Van Eyk was ranked as the #120 overall prospect in the draft by He throws a fastball that gets into the mid 90s with a potential plus curveball. Van Eyk has a very strong commitment to Florida State.

Will he sign? I would put this at near 0% chance he signs.

Round 20: LHP Yadier Flores, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy (PR)

Very slender 6’2” 159 pound frame with a fastball topping out in the mid 80s and a slider. Needs a lot of maturation, but has added velocity over the past year per Cannot find a college commitment, but is reportedly a good student.

Will he sign? I will guess not.

Round 21: LHP Aaron Ford, Tennessee Wesleyan

Ford struck out 101 in 74.1 innings with a 1.94 ERA for Tennessee Wesleyan.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets

Round 22: RHP Josh Payne, West Texas A+M

Payne, a senior, set the school record for wins by a pitcher in a season, going 10-3 with a 2.51 ERA in 86 innings and 14 starts. He had a 101:19 K:BB ratio

Will he sign: Signed with Mets

Round 23: LHP Jose Sierra, Monroe JC

Sierra reportedly touched 96 MPH out of the bullpen for the Mustangs this season but had very limited work and struck out a team-high 19.6 per 9 innings.

Will he sign: Signed with Mets

Round 24: RHP Joey Cavallaro, South Florida

Cavallaro has a 6’4” 215 pound frame and throws primarily a slider in the 82-85 MPH range and offsets it with a 87-89 MPH fastball and a deceptive delivery. Put up great numbers in the Bulls bullpen (2.28 ERA with a 77:19 K:BB in 59.1 innings).

Will he sign: Signed with Mets for $100,000

Round 25: SS Laine Huffman, Long Beach State

Huffman hit .294/.372/.369 for the Dirtbags this year. No, I am not insulting Laine, that is what they are called.

Will he sign: Yes

Round 26: SS Gavin Garay, St. Petersburg JC

Garay transferred from St Johns to St Petersburg JC and hit .357 with five home runs and 40 RBIs.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets

Round 27: RHP Billy Oxford, Asuza Pacific

Oxford went 11-1 with a 2.64 ERA for the college that produced former Mets outfielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis.

Will he sign: Signed with Mets

Round 28: 1B Jeremy Vasquez, Nova Southeastern

Vasquez hit .317 with 15 home runs and 49 RBIs for the Sharks.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets for $75,000.

Round 29: RHP Liam McCall, First Coast HS (FL)

McCall has a projectable 6’4” 180 pound frame and has a fastball that topped out at 88 MPH with hope it will grow with physical maturation. Also throws a mid-70s slider and a mid-70s curve. Committed to Seminole State College.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets

Round 30: RHP Ian McWilliams, Beech HS (TN)

McWilliams has a 6’3” 170 pound frame with a fastball topping out at 89 MPH currently to go with a mid-80s changeup and mid-70s curveball. Committed to UAB.

Will he sign? I predict McWilliams will head to UAB

Round 31: RHP Ryan Selmer, Maryland

Selmer is a huge 6’8” pitcher who uses that height to generate a ton of ground balls. Only struck out 26 in 41.1 innings, so he will be reliant on trying to pitch to induce weak ground ball contact consistently.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets

Round 32: LHP Kaylor Chafin, Texas A&M

Chafin is an undersized lefty (5’11” 180 lbs) who is reliant on his plus control for success. His fastball will top out at 90 MPH and two secondary pitches in a curveball and changeup. Had an interesting story of going to Texas A&M out of high school, but was not ready for the SEC competition and went to a junior college and returned to Texas A&M.

Will he sign? He once jumped into something too early, I think he will pass on pro ball. He will have a better opportunity to be drafted higher as a senior.

Round 33: RHP MacLeod Lozer, Michigan

Lozer had a 1.00 ERA over 27 innings with 37 strikeouts in the Wolverines bullpen. He notched a save as well.

Will he sign? Lozer is a senior. I would expect him to sign.

Round 34: LHP Jake Eder, Calvary Christian Academy (FL)

Eder has a pro body at 6’4” 210 lbs, and was ranked as the #66 prospect in the draft by He can get the fastball to 95 MPH with no problem and has a curve that flashes above average. He could have easily been a day-one draft pick this year, but when he fell out of that you would expect he would fulfill his commitment to Vanderbilt. Eder is a name to watch three years down the road as a potential high draft pick.

Will he sign? Absolutely not

Round 35: RHP Kyle Wilson, Crowder JC

Wilson pitched a mere 8.1 innings this year and had a 9.72 ERA in those innings. He did strike out 12 though.

Will he sign? No. I would guess Wilson would like to go back to school to improve his draft stock

Round 36: C Robby Kidwell, Brunswick JC

Kidwell hit .325/.400/.530 for the Dolphins. And he may be the only catcher the Mets add to the system via the 2017 draft.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets

Round 37: LHP Joshua Walker, New Haven

Walker is a left-hander standing at a tall 6’6” 200 pounds. He had three saves this year with a 2.40 ERA and struck out 32 batters in 30 innings for the Chargers. He has a fastball that can hit the low 90s.

Will he sign? Yes. He said he is simply awaiting an assignment

Round 38: 3B Daniel Alfonzo, Bayside HS (NY)

This is the fun pick of the draft. The team selected Mets great Edgardo Alfonzo’s son. Edgardo is the manager for the Brooklyn Cyclones, but it looks like he won’t be managing his son anytime soon as Daniel said he will be attending Adelphi University.

Will he sign? No. Alfonzo confirmed he will be going to college

Round 39: RHP Noah Nunez, Santana HS (CA)

Nunez had a commitment to San Diego State.

Will he sign? Signed with Mets

Round 40: RHP Ronnie Taylor, Allen Central HS (TX)

Taylor reportedly has a fastball that can get up to 94 MPH and has a 6’3” 220 pound frame. He has a commitment to Wichita State.

Will he sign? No. I am going to assume he will go to school. Though there is some buzz he does not want to go college.

Draft Recap

I believe the Mets had a solid draft in 2017. At the top they went with a fairly safe prospect in Round 1 with David Peterson, who could potentially be a really quick riser, and took a shot at mega upside with Mark Vientos in Round 2. I am very interested to follow the careers of Tony Dibrell (4th round), who got an Edwin Jackson comparison and Marcel Renteria (6th round), who is a reliever that reportedly hit 99 MPH among others of course.

The Mets went heavy with seniors—even by their standards—taking five in a row. That could leave room to pay guys like Jack Schneider (11th round) , Bryce Hutchinson (12th round), and maybe a guy like AJ Labas (17th round). There is not quite as much upside throughout the draft as in some past years, but there are definitely prospects to be very interested in from the Mets’ 2017 draft class.

Draft Grade: B-