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Monday Morning Mets Mind Boggler: Trade acquisitions of the ’60s

Can you name every long-tenured player the Mets traded for in the 1960s?

Jerry Grote (credit: Focus On Sports)

In advance of this year’s July 31 trade deadline, we’ll be running a series of Mind Bogglers focused on the Mets’ trade acquisitions over the years. To start, we’re asking you to name every player the Mets traded for in the decade of the ’60s. Position players need at least 1,000 plate appearances and pitchers at least 250 innings with the Mets to qualify for this list.

Players that the Mets traded for in the 1960s (min. 1,000 PA for positions players, 250 IP for pitchers)

The Mets acquired these players in exchange for another player, a player to be named later, or cash. While some are fairly obscure, a number of these trade acquisitions were critical to the Mets’ success in the later part of the decade and the early part of the next one.

You’ll have four minutes for this quiz. Good luck, and remember to post your time and score in the comments!