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This Week in Mets Quotes: Cespedes loves Oakland /Swish Cespedes loves New York

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

MLB: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Your 2017 New York Mets: We’re not thinking about we’re some game out or we’re not playing good.

“We’re not thinking about [selling], we’re thinking about how to win. We’re not thinking about we’re some games out, or we’re not playing good. every time we’re out there we’re thinking about winning.” -Wilmer Flores [New York Post]

He added, ‘But most of all, I’m proud of being myself.’

"I was very proud to be a New York Met. And I'm going to be very proud to be a Tampa Bay Ray." -Lucas Duda [Twitter]

TWIMQ is feeling the same way. Duda has some of my favorite quotes since TWIMQ started in 2009.

“Don't Go Lucas!!!!! Gonna miss you buddy!!!” -Curtis Granderson [Instagram]

Wait, when did Syndergaard and Conforto stop living together?

“I’ve got a Thor statue that’s already in my apartment, so maybe I will put [the bobblehead] next to that. If [Gsellmen and I] had a fireplace, it would probably go there.” -Noah Syndergaard [New York Post]

What was the biggest thing with rumors before?

"The biggest thing with the rumors right now is they're exactly that. They're just rumors." -Curtis Granderson [MLB]

Sandy’s got to remember how Curtis likes his salmon.

"If the opportunity presents itself and [the Mets] show the interest, just like they did prior, when I was [last] a free agent, I would love to [be back]. This has been a great organization, a great city base, a great fan base. The guys on this team have been really cool to me, and I've enjoyed playing here for four years." -Curtis Granderson [MLB]

Sincerely, Curtis is one of the finest people to put on a Mets uniform.

"If baseball happens to come to an end, the Grand Kids Foundation is going to continue to keep moving. We're at 10 years, and I want to see us get to 20 years, I want to see us get to 30 years and beyond … Whenever my baseball career happens to finish up, I'm definitely going to be involved with the Grand Kids foundation." -Curtis Granderson [MLB]

This is a pretty silly comment that won’t need to be walked back…

“I wish that happens. I told Blevins, ‘I don’t know how many years I’m going to play, but I’m going to play the last year of my career with Oakland.’ I don’t know if that’s possible or not, but that’s my goal.” -Yoenis Cespedes [New York Daily News]

…oh, that’s right, that was exactly the type of comment that becomes a “controversy”.

“This is my home, this is my team. I love those fans and I can’t say that enough that this is my home. I hope that they don’t take it that way. I would never mean for it to come out that way.” -Yoenis Cespedes [New York Daily News]

At least this comment Mets fans can get behind.

“I tell my guys here all the time that he’s the best manager for me so far. I don’t think there’s a better manager than Melvin.” -Yoenis Cespedes [New York Daily News]

Included the sentence presiding the quote. I really don’t get the sense that Collins was “beleaguered” and think he handled the “controversy” fine.

“[A beleaguered Collins continued to back Cespedes publicly even after the slight.]

This is the first I’ve heard of it. Bob’s a great manager. I don’t blame him.” -Terry Collins [New York Daily News]

Unfortunately, he’s right, there’s a lot of baseball left.

“We know there’s still a lot of baseball left. We know it’s not going to be easy, but we believe.” -Jose Reyes [New York Post]

Let’s hear from Mets players and coaches regarding the extended foul netting in Citi.

“I think it’s a great initiative. I’ve never understood the arguments against it.” -Jay Bruce [New York Times]

“I will tell you that when my family comes to the game, home or away, they don’t ever sit in the open. Those balls come too fast, and these guys hit the ball too hard.” -Terry Collins [New York Times]

“You guys should be in the dugouts when somebody hits a line drive into the stands and see the expression on guys’ faces. It’s like, ‘God, please don’t hit somebody,’ and when it does everybody has a sick feeling in their stomach. So I think it’s a tremendous move to put that netting up.” -Terry Collins [New York Times]

“It’s tough to always keep your attention facing the hitter at all times with all the distractions in the stadium. When line drives are coming right over the dugout, we’re worried about getting hit ourselves. I know it’s not ideal to have to look through a netting, but the worse thing is to come to a ballpark and have to go to a hospital or something like that.” -Michael Conforto [New York Times]

“I will never have my kids sit anywhere but behind a net. It’s just too dangerous.” -Jay Bruce [New York Times]

Rob from Long Island chimes in.

“I don’t feel part of the action as much. I can’t see the field as clear. It’s distracting. Me, personally, I’d like to have the opportunity to get a foul ball. I know how to protect myself when I’m here. I agree you definitely need to pay attention, but what are the odds of someone actually getting hurt?” Rob Tansi of Franklin Square on Long Island [New York Times]

Mr. Bruce your response.

I hit a guy right in the head. It was terrible. He was sitting between first base and right field, about 15 rows up. It was a line drive that I pulled foul and it went over the net. I haven’t heard anything So I’m guessing he’s O.K. But it was super scary.” -Jay Bruce [New York Times]

Only the Mets could be in TOO good of shape.

“It’s almost like he needs to be a little more loose and a little more elastic. I think he’s a little big and a little tight. He needs to get back to the 215 [-pound] Cespedes. I think that’s what his problem is. He needs to stay loose and elastic rather than big and bulky. Because he’s got everything else.” -Kevin Long [New York Post]

“My plan is to change my workout program. I want to become more flexible, more athletic, have less bulk [in my legs]. I want to do less weight lifting. I’m going to do some different things, I want to do yoga, more stretching. I want to be lighter. I want to come back around 210, lose about 15 pounds.” -Yoenis Cespedes [New York Post]

“So much of what I’ve learned this year, is that I thought I was doing what I needed to be doing. But I realize now how messed up my body was, and I’m working hard to get it back to normal.” -Noah Syndergaard [New York Times]

Not surprised that the Wilpons are the type of employer that has someone train their replacement.

"[Amed Rosario and I]are friends, we talk or text all the time, maybe every day. I will be here to help him, just like Rey Sanchez helped me. We talk and I try to be there if he needs me." -Jose Reyes [New York Daily News]

SiteBot FacePalms of the Week

“Cespedes. This guy is injury prone, doesnt hustle and has a poor attitude. Signing him was a mistake. He wants to play for the A’s ? Fine with me. Get rid if him.” -golfer72

“I am SOOO AFRAID of Sandy’s Next Moves. Getting rid of GOOD PLAYERS such as Rene Rivera an leaving us Travis YECH.” -BillysWife

AA Quote of the Week

“Above average production? Duda’s wRC+ was in the top thirty since he became the everyday first baseman back in 2014, he was under appreciated and underrated to the end. He was a key cog in the 2014-2015 team and was having another real strong year this year. I will always remember his monster game vs the Nats on Aug 1st 2015 when he won a gigantic game vs the Nats singlehandily, fuck the haters that wanna hate and remember him for a bad throw.” -David Klein