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Final Score: Mets 7, Mariners 5—Michael rows the Mets ashore

Conforto bashes two home runs as Mets rally to beat the M’s.

MLB: New York Mets at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

On a night when the Mets made a trade with their eyes on the future, the current team showed that they still have plenty of fight in them, defeating the Mariners 7-5. Rafael Montero, while starting the game surprisingly well, showed that he is very much still a work in progress, surrendering four runs in the bottom of the fifth inning. He struck out and walked five batters on the night.

Seattle’s own Michael Conforto had a great night at the plate, hitting two home runs—the second of which started the rally that would put the Mets ahead again in the eighth inning. With the trade deadline looming, the goods were on display as Asdrubal Cabrera went 3-for-5 and Jay Bruce went 2-for-4 with a walk and a home run.

Full recap to follow.

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