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Final Score: Mariners 3, Mets 2—Coming up short

The Mets’ offense could not get going against the Mariners.

MLB: New York Mets at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Jacob deGrom had one bad inning but it was all the Mariners would need in their 3-2 victory over the Mets.

Despite being erratic and generally undeGrom-like in the second, he settled in and once again gave his team a chance to win the game. He picked up another ten strikeouts and allowed only two earned runs to score. The third run was set up by Neil Walker’s error in the third.

The offense had their chances to help deGrom win his ninth in a row but Yovani Gallardo shut them down into the sixth inning. The Mets generated traffic on the bases in the fifth, but a called strike on Jose Reyes changed the complexion of the inning and the Mets failed to score. Reyes overall had a tough day at the plate and left six runners on base.

The Mets scored once Gallardo was out of the game in the sixth when Wilmer Flores walked with the bases loaded to bring in the Mets’ first run.

Michael Conforto’s defense played a factor in this game when he made a spectacular catch in the outfield and threw a runner out at the plate. He came up as the tying run in the ninth and snuck a single through the shift to cut the lead to one, but Asdrubal Cabrera struck out to leave the tying run on base.

Full recap to follow.

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