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Mets to call up Dominic Smith

The Mets’ potential first baseman of the future will join the team on Friday.

Chris McShane

The Mets will call up highly-regarded prospect Dominic Smith on Friday for the team’s second game of a four-game set in Philadelphia. Smith joins the recently-promoted Amed Rosario in making the jump from Triple-A Las Vegas to the big leagues. The pair have the potential to be cornerstones for the Mets over the next several years, though Rosario has generally gotten more praise than Smith over the course of his minor league career.

In 500 plate appearances in Las Vegas this year, Smith has hit .330/.386/.519 with 16 home runs and a 133 wRC+. Those power numbers aren’t super impressive for the run-scoring environment of the Pacific Coast League and the ballpark in Vegas, but they’re not nothing. Still, Smith’s ability to hit for power at baseball’s highest level figures to go a long way in determining just what kind of player he’ll be. While it’s totally possible to get by without power at first base, it’s not easy. Played like John Olerud don’t come around too often.

The Mets had held on to Jay Bruce until they traded him to the Cleveland Indians last night, and he had been spending some time at first base. But since he’s cleared from the roster and Lucas Duda had already been traded to the Rays, there was a wide open spot for Smith to get regular playing time. Coming into the season, we had Smith ranked fifth on our list of the Mets’ top twenty-five prospects. Here’s what Steve Sypa said of him at the time:

If Dominic Smith played anywhere else on the baseball diamond, he might be the Mets’ top prospect. He has a nice swing and should hit for a decent average wherever he goes. We know there’s some power in there. He has a good arm and is at least an adequate defender at his position. Smith is, unfortunately, a first base prospect. I’m sure, in Triple-A Las Vegas, he will crush a bunch of home runs, making his profile look less risky on paper, but I feel Smith needs to change a lot in his approach in order to actually realize his potential.