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Reaction roundup: The Mets’ signing of Jay Bruce to a three-year, $39 million contract

Texas Rangers  Vs New York Mets Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

Last night, the Mets signed Jay Bruce to a three-year, $39 million contract. The contract pays him a bit less in 2018—$10 million—before going up to $13 million per year. The other $3 million will be paid as a bonus, half of which this year and the other half next. It might be a bit of an awkward fit when it comes to a fully healthy outfield/first base alignment, but the Mets seem to have gotten a good deal here. And here’s what other people are saying about the move.

  • Ken Davidoff writes in the Post that Sandy Alderson’s offseason patience has once again paid off, as it did with Yoenis Cespedes. He notes that there’s still plenty more that the Mets need to do for this season, though.
  • Bruce gives the Mets insurance at first base and in the outfield, writes Abbey Mastracco over at
  • Mets pitchers Josh Smoker and Noah Syndergaard took to Twitter to express excitement about the deal.
  • Brian Erni likes the signing and thinks it gives the Mets room to make other improvements to their roster.
  • Fangraphs points out that the Mets are betting on Bruce’s fly-ball swing—one that got more fly-ball heavy last year than it had been in the past.
  • Over at ESPN, David Schoenfield doesn’t sound quite as enthusiastic about the deal.
  • MLB Trade Rumors points out that Bruce’s contract is the second-largest given to a position player—in terms of guaranteed money—in this bizarre offseason.
  • Rising Apple sounds excited about the deal because the Mets were patient and got a good player and teammate.
  • Ted Berg is a little perplexed by what the Mets are doing but certainly doesn’t hate the move.
  • The Mets made a significant addition to what was looking to be an anemic lineup, writes Kristie Ackert in the Daily News.