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Join us for Amazin’ Avenue Audio’s 300th episode!

We’ll be at Mikkeller at Citi Field to record the episode, drink some excellent beer, and hang with you.

Chris McShane

We have some exciting news for you, Amazin’ Avenue readers and Amazin’ Avenue Audio listeners: We’re set to record our 300th episode live from Mikkeller Brewing at Citi Field on Saturday, November 10, starting at 1 PM. You should join us!

We’re hoping to announce some guests for the episode, and you should stay tuned to this for updates on that. If you’ve been to Mikkeller before, we don’t really need to explain much, but if you haven’t, they’ve got a ton of taps at their bar with beers from their European, Queens, and San Diego breweries—plus guest taps.

As for the podcast itself, we’ll be in the private room at Mikkeller. We’d love to buy everyone who comes out a beer or see if we can make any other perks happen, but it would be a huge help if we had a head count before next Saturday so we could allocate our resources properly. We have a Google form for that, so fill it out with this link or below!