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Things we’re thankful for this year

A quick rundown of Mets-related things that we can celebrate.

Aerial Views of the New York Area Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

With Thanksgiving upon us, we wanted to make sure to express our gratitude for the bright spots in a year that included a Mets season that was anything but bright. First and foremost, we thank you, the Amazin’ Avenue community, without whom none of what we do would be possible. We truly appreciate the time you spend reading the site, listening to the podcast, and engaging in discussion in the comments, FanShots, and FanPosts.

And we’re also thankful for:

  • Sandy Alderson’s tenure as general manager of the Mets, which unfortunately came to an end because of his own health issues. We continue to wish him the best.
  • Jacob deGrom’s 2018 season, which was superb.
  • David Wright’s entire career, which ended much sooner than anyone would have liked but established him as the best position player in franchise history.
  • Michael Conforto’s dog’s Instagram account, which is criminally under-followed.
  • Every single person who’s written a post for this site this year.
  • Gary, Keith, Ron, Howie, and Josh, though we’ll definitely miss Josh as Howie’s main partner in the booth—plus the whole SNY and radio crews that make tuning in to Mets games enjoyable no matter how bad the Mets are.
  • #pizza
  • the notion that Jose Reyes really might have played his last game for the Mets, though we’ll only truly believe that when he retires or signs elsewhere.
  • Zack Wheeler’s best season ever.