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Mets still exploring infield options, considering starting pitcher market

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The team is still weighing moves in MLB’s long, slow offseason.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets continue their, well, deliberate offseason, still weighing their infield choices. Eduardo Nunez and Todd Frazier currently lead the field, according to a recent update from Ken Rosenthal. The report adds that there is no traction on a potential Josh Harrison trade and a reluctance for a second Neil Walker go-round. Factor in a fear of Todd Frazier using the team to extract a better deal and return to the Yankees and one might reluctantly conclude Nunez—seemingly a bit redundant with the recent Jose Reyes return—might be the current front-runner.

As covered in today’s Mets Morning News, Rosenthal’s sources also back up recent reports that the Mets might also consider adding a more substantive starting pitcher along the lines of Alex Cobb or Lance Lynn—if, of course, prices fall. Perhaps chances of this type of addition may increase if David Wright is moved to the 60-day disabled list as expected when eligible on February 14.

Cobb and Lynn would certainly represent the higher-upside options among the many ‘second-tier’ starting pitchers still available that could surely help a team with almost as many question marks as there are rotation spots.