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Final Score: Mets 9, Cardinals 4—Another win on Opening Day

The Mets started the season off on the right foot.

St Louis Cardinals  v New York Mets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Mets started their scoring early this season with three runs in the first two innings and they never looked back in their 9-4 win over the Cardinals on Opening Day. Noah Syndergaard had a strong start, going six innings and striking out ten. There were some bumps in the road for Syndergaard, with home runs from Yadier Molina and Jose Martinez providing three of the Cardinals’ four runs against him, but coming off a season cut short by injury, there was a lot to be happy about.

The Mets’ offense was surprisingly reliant upon small ball and keeping the line moving rather than using straight power and slugging to score their runs. Every starting position player except for Asdrubal Cabrera got at least one hit, and six of them scored at least one run.

The pitchers behind Syndergaard had a good day, too, with Robert Gsellman striking out the side in the seventh inning being the most inspiring. Following Gsellman’s impressive inning, the new Met Anthony Swarzak and long-tenured Met Jeurys Familia closed out the win for the Mets.

Full recap to follow.

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