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This Week in SNY: Touring Keith’s house, scorekeeping pens, and more

We check in on the Mets’ ever-entertaining television booth.

Coming off an opening weekend that did not disappoint, the Mets’ TV booth kept things just as enjoyable as the season moved into its first full week. Let’s review some of the highlights.

April 3

Early in the Mets’ game against the Phillies, Gary brings up the snow-out that had happened the night before. Gary says he’s glad there’s no doubleheader on this day and that the game was instead scheduled as part of a doubleheader in the much warmer month of July.

Regarding the notification of the postponement, things went like this:

Keith: I was very happy that they let us know around twelve noon, instead of around four o’clock.

Gary: Decisive decision making.

Ron: I was here, Kurt.

A pop-up briefly interrupts that conversation, but it resumes.

Keith: You know, Ronnie, if you’re at the ballpark, it counts as a game worked.

Ron: [laughing] That’s right.

Gary: You know, ninety percent of life is showing up.

Keith: [laughing] Here’s the Phillies’ Chrysler lineup.

That conversation, though, was just a warmup for what came in the top of the fourth inning of this game. Coming out of the commercial break, SNY goes straight to an Instagram video of Keith giving a tour of his back yard on the @garykeithron account.

Keith: And folks, see the side of the house there, don’t worry. I take good care of my house. It’s getting painted. They had to sand it.

Gary: I want to know how it came to be that you have a mustache on the back of your—

Keith: Don’t you love it?

Ron: I love it.

Gary: —it’s fantastic! Did somebody give it to you?

Keith: No, I found it at an antique shop. I love it. It’s a handlebar mustache!

Gary: That is just spectacular!

Keith: I love that. And it’s all rusted. I just stumbled on to it an antique store out in the Hamptons.

Gary: Feel like a barber-shop quarter could break out any any moment!

And it continues.

Ron: By the way, the pool, is that from Hefner’s mansion? What is the shape of that pool, by the way?

Keith: Well, there’s been some activity close to that mansion out back there!

Everyone hits their cough buttons, and we hear silence.

Gary: Harvey falls behind Aaron Altherr 3-1 to start the inning.

After some discussion of Hadji’s house—that’s Keith’s cat’s name, if you’re unfamiliar—Keith brings up some of the work he’s done out there.

Keith: I’ve been on the roof.

Ron: Really?

Keith: It’s a flat roof. I have to go clean the drains every once in a while. The leaves. The trees.

Gary: Can’t a person of your stature, you know, hire out for that kind of activity?

Keith: I like to do that kind of stuff.

Gary: What would we do if you had a mishap climbing onto your roof? We would be caught short. There’s nobody who can replace you.

April 5

Scorekeeping is a serious part of the GKR experience, and as the game goes into the top of the third, Gary has a problem.

Gary: 1-1 game was we star the third. This is a little inside baseball, or inside the booth. But you know, every profession has the tools of its trade. And in our booth, pens are very important for keeping score, and I only use two. I use a red one and a black one—and the red one just expired. No more ink.

Keith: Gary turned me on to these.

Gary: These are the Pentel RSVP fine points.

Keith: Oh, they are fine point. You folks, perfect for scorekeeping.

Keith: That’s like a broken bat, Gary, going down with a base hit.

And later in the game, Keith drops audio gold after saying something about getting your puppies barking.

Thanks to Allison McCague and Rich Staff for their keen eyes during the broadcasts for this week. If you see something on a broadcast that you’d like to nominate for inclusion in TWISNY, email the date, inning, and either the number of outs or pitch count displayed on the bug to