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Brandon Nimmo doesn’t seem to mind his role on the Mets

He’s not getting regular at-bats yet, but the youngster is having a blast in the majors.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Mets fans threw a big stink when Brandon Nimmo was sent down to Triple-A Las Vegas last week, but it turned out to be no big deal at all, as the former first-round draft pick was back in the majors by Friday. Then, on Sunday, Nimmo got his first big league start since April 3 and made the most of it, slugging a triple and a home run while scoring two of New York’s three runs in their walk-off victory over Milwaukee.

It’s still a small sample size, but with a .381 career on-base percentage in 265 major league at-bats, Nimmo has been steadily making the case over the past two years that he has what it takes to be a regular player at the highest level. For now, though, the Wyoming native is stuck on fill-in and pinch-hit duty as Mickey Callaway looks for ways to keep his starting outfielders fresh. On Sunday, Nimmo was filling in for Jay Bruce, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him give Yoenis Cespedes a day off soon given how La Potencia has struggled in the early going.

Could Nimmo grow frustrated with the inconsistent playing time, though? It doesn’t sound like it based on his recent conversation with SNY’s Steve Gelbs.

If you talk to a lot of the guys around here, it’s the most talented team they’ve played on. So yeah, that makes at-bats hard to come by but that also makes a World Series a very plausible thing...

And that’s what we all want to do. I mean how many opportunities do you get to do that? So I want to be a part of a World Series team and if that means that I have to come off the bench and put up a good at bat for a pinch hit or whatever it may be, that’s what I’m gonna do...

Because I want to see this team winning a World series at the end of the year.

Awwww... if that’s not enough to warm a Mets fan’s heart, then I don’t know what is. Nimmo just sounds like one of those guys who loves playing the game and being part of a winning team. That’s a great thing considering that New York is expecting the three guys ahead of him on the depth chart to continue being productive. It’s also great because great offensive teams all have to have solid players beyond the starting lineup. Nimmo’s selflessness will only help him carve out an important role for himself as the Mets look to keep the good times rolling into the summer.

It certainly looks like he’s having fun! If Nimmo keeps this up, he’ll have league lead in SAR (Smiles Above Replacement) wrapped up by early June.