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This Week in SNY: Keithless in Miami, talking all sorts of hair

Gary and Ron worked a series in Miami while Keith was off, but that didn’t stop the booth from having a good time.

Coming off a stretch that included an Instagram video tour of Keith’s back yard and some excellent discussion of scorekeeping pens, the Mets’ booth traveled to southern Florida, where Gary and Ron worked while Keith got the series off.

April 9

Keith’s enthusiasm has been mentioned by Gary Cohen more than once early in this season, and the open of this broadcast was no different. Gary starts with a good movie reference—in the spirit of Keith, who isn’t working the series in Miami.

Well, the spaceship is open—like Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

As for the fact that Keith has the series off, well, Ron isn’t all that impressed.

Gary: Keith is off this series. He’ll be back with us over the weekend, when the Mets come home to play the Brewers for three and the Nats for three.

Ron: I thought he always had to come here because of the Florida commitment!

Gary: I would say he’s a little less committed than he used to be. He’s got other pursuits, you know? Twitter and the like.

And that’s as good a reason as any to revisit some of Keith’s best recent tweets. He’s using Twitter like it’s the early 2010s, and it’s fantastic. Some highlights:

Sag Harbor restaurant recommendation

Outdoor cat cage advice

Bonus Fashion Tips with Keith footage

Thanking Ted Berg

We hope to have many more of Keith’s tweet over the course of this season. Since he has said he’s on Twitter to stay—not just until his book comes out—that’s looking promising.

April 10

As the broadcast comes back for the bottom of the sixth inning, SNY rolls some footage from the Marlins Park’s Clevelander, and once things cut back to the booth, Ron’s got a joke.

That’s my signature move: the elbow on the bongo, right before you go back, that’s a signature move for me.

Sometimes Mets players get in on the TWISNY fun, and this GIF from Steve Gelbs stars Jacob deGrom running his fingers through his no-longer-existent hair.

April 11

Sticking with the hair topic, Gary and Ron get into a great discussion, starting with Noah Syndergaard’s locks.

Gary: Have we had a man bun pitcher yet in the big leagues?

Ron: I haven’t seen a man bun pitcher. I think Syndergaard did pitch with a man bun in spring training once. I’m not going to get on anyone’s hair. I had some of the worst hair you could ever see!

Gary: Right back to Wheeler, two out. Well, you hair was very much of its era, Ron.

Ron: Copying everyone else, right.

Gary: If you’re going to have a mullet, you have to have it in a mullet era.

Ron: Well, what I was thinking, especially during 1986, I was thinking that it’s good luck. In hockey, they wear the beards through the playoffs, and I thought it would be good luck to just let the hair grow. And then all those pictures you see now, 1986, it’s a little embarrassing.

Ron: There it is!

Gary: There’s the bun. It’s a bench bun right now, but a mound bun would have a little more impact.

Gary: There we go! That’s what we were talking about.

Ron: Ugh, that is just obscene, almost.

Gary: But you know, in the 80s—look at Marty Noble.

Ron: Marty Noble in the background! Photobombing.

Gary: In those days, that’s the way it was. Think about women’s hairdos in the 80s, all of that big hair. Garcia strikes out to end the inning. I don’t think you have anything to be ashamed of. At least you had hair, Ronnie!

Ron: Thanks guys, appreciate it.

Gary: My hair was completely gone by the 80s!