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Re-watching Yoenis Cespedes’s bomb all day

Cespedes hit a 463-foot game-tying home run last night, and it’s worth watching over and over.

MLB: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, Yoenis Cespedes turned a game that felt like it might be slipping away into one that the Mets wound up winning with one swing of the bat. The three-run home run was majestic, sailing well over the left field fence, just to the right of the second deck. It had a bit of a Mike Piazza feel to it, and despite the strikeout issues that he’s faced in the first few weeks of this season, Cespedes reminded us all that he’s fully capable of doing that sort of thing. And per the Statcast leaderboard, Cespedes’s bomb was the sixth-longest hit in all of baseball so far this year.

Whatever you have going on today, you’ll undoubtedly need a break at some point. Several points, maybe. And for that, might we recommend listening to or watching that home run on repeat.

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