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Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 280: Pain and Suffering

The Mets are making it hard to watch games, just week after looking like the best team in baseball.

Welcome back to Amazin’ Avenue Audio, where everything hurts.

First up, Brian Salvatore and Allison McCague talk about how terrible the Mets have been, as well as the departure of Matt Harvey. (1:16)

Next up, Chris McShane interviews W.M.Akers, creator of Deadball, a dice-based baseball game that is currently running a Kickstarter for its second year expansion pack. (47:09)

Steve Sypa brings us the fourth minor league players of the week for the 2018 season. (1:04:08)

Finally, Aaron Yorke discusses the underrated production of Adrian Gonzalez. (1:13:55)

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