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Amazin’ Avenue Audio, Episode 281: Same as it ever was

In which we discuss the Mets’ last week and play an epic game of ‘Would You Rather?’

Welcome back to Amazin’ Avenue Audio, where things haven’t changed much.

First up, Brian Salvatore, Chris McShane and Allison McCague discuss the Mets’ rotation, the emergence of Amed Rosario, and play the best game of ‘Would You Rather?’ you’ve ever heard. (1:18)

Finally, Steve Sypa brings us the fifth minor league players of the week for the 2018 season. (1:00:21)

You can follow all of our contributors on Twitter: Brian (@BrianNeedsaNap), Allison (@petitephd), Chris (@ChrisMcShane), and Steve (@stevesypa).

And don’t forget you can email the show at, and we’ll be back next week for another edition of Amazin’ Avenue Audio.