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This Week in SNY: Catching up, Part 1

We look back at some of the highlights from the Mets’ broadcasts a few weeks ago.

It’s been a little over a month since the last installment of TWISNY, and for that, we apologize. But the good news here is that we have plenty of material to catch up with as we look back upon the Mets’ television broadcast booth’s best moments.

We begin with Keith Hernandez, naturally, and while this wasn’t technically part of a Mets broadcast, SNY treated us all to a Twitter video of him giving gardening tips. The weather was warm that day, but Keith knew colder weather was returning and didn’t want to see anyone plant their spring flowers prematurely.

Late in the game, the booth is discussing Florida, and Ron makes fun of himself.

Ron: Where is Florida Gulf Coast...?

Gary: Like in Fort Myers.

Keith: It’s on the Gulf Coast!

Ron: What an idiot.

No sweat, Ron, we’ve all said something like that at least once at some point in our lives.

Gary is very excited to announce the arrival of some great art from the SNY production as the booth brings up an awful slide by Brewers pitcher Chase Anderson on Opening Day.

After getting through the Anderson part, Keith starts to praise the graphic.

Keith: Look at that. Look at the fundies. Look at the ball, right in the glove.

Gary: That’s a big head you’ve got, Keith.

Ron: [laughing] Ex-act-ly!

Keith: Well...

Things started to get a little chilly that night, and the booth was feeling it. Keith asks for SNY’s stage manager to bring him his topcoat, which gives Ron a good laugh. But the stage manager obliges.

The production has had a lot of fun with the introduction graphics this year, and perhaps one of the biggest reactions from the booth came on this one, which ran as Keith was giving the Nationals’ defense for the night.

A big thanks to the whole crew of Amazin’ Avenue writers, who have been crucial in providing tips for the series this year! We’ll catch up some more with the broadcast soon.