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This Week in Mets Quotes: deGrom is frustrated, Blevins is angry

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at New York Mets Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Your 2018 New York Mets: It’s unfortunate.

“It’s unfortunate. Guys are out there pitching their hearts out and the results haven’t come.” –Mickey Callaway [New York Post]

Couldn’t fool me.

“I think it’s frustrating no matter what, whether I’m pitching or I am not. We don’t want to lose and when we lose games it’s frustrating. Whether it’s me or anybody else, that is not what we’re trying to do.” –Jacob deGrom [New York Post]

Don’t worry Jerry, most the fan base has moved from frustration to anger with this team.

”I get ahead 1-2 and want to put a fastball on the plate over and away, it ends up back in the middle. He didn’t hit it that hard, but it found a spot. That’s how its been going. I feel really good physically. That’s the frustrating part. It was mechanical issues early (in the season), but now I feel great. It’s just execution, man. It’s beyond, I can’t say frustration it’s more anger. It’s not for lack of effort, it’s not for lack of care. It’s really hard to contain it sometimes, but that’s our job. I am trying to be a professional right now.” –Jerry Blevins [New York Daily News]

Proper first moment to life as a Met.

”I wasn’t expecting a call that quick. I guess I had to get ready pretty quick out there.” –Tim Peterson [MLB]

Brandon Nimmo’s nick name game is about as strong as I would imagine.

”Petey got thrown right in the heart of things, facing 2-3-4, some of the best hitters in the league. It’s his debut and he just comes right in there, 1-2-3.” –Brandon Nimmo [MLB]

There’s no way this is true, but I’m going to go ahead and believe that Nimmo was throwing tremendous amount of shade at AJ Ramos.

”He gave up the long ball to Camargo, but at least he’s throwing strikes. He was challenging them, and really made them hit the ball.” –Brandon Nimmo [MLB]

With another lackluster weak, let’s wrap up this weeks post early with some more uplifting quotes.

“You have to be very strong in your mind to be [rehabbing] that long. Not every major-league player has that mentality, to go through what [David Wright’s] been through and still come here with a good attitude.” –Jose Reyes [Newsday]

“I asked [Wright] the other day, he said he wants to come back. He’s trying, man. It’s tough to see — all the things that happened to him when he’s trying to come back.” –Wilmer Flores [Newsday]

“[David Wright] was as good as it got, man. This guy who has dealt with the biggest media market in the world pretty flawlessly over his career, both on and off the field. He’s very committed and really devoted to the New York Mets organization and his game. This is what he does. It’s got to be tough for him to not be able to take part in what we’re trying to do here and just be who he is, which is David Wright the third baseman.” –Jay Bruce [Newsday]

Mets Instagram of the Week

Apropos to the @mets season, Citi Field is on #mets #dumpsterfire #nyc #queens

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AA Quote of the Week

“Anyone remember that Sopranos line where Tony is describing a string of bad luck “I’m the reverse of King Midas, everything I touch turns to shit” Yeah, that should be exactly what Mickey Callaway must be thinking right now.” -Agbayanitodeepleftcenter

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“Sick of Blevins. Ya wanna know what I think is wrong with him? His kid. He’s not thinking of baseball, he’s one of those “we’re pregnant” guys and he’s in the 4th trimester with his wife… deGrom Knows How to compartmentalize, like any mature adult. Blevins doesn’t.” -Gothammoon