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This Week in Mets Quotes: Thank you, Sandy

We take a break from the usual interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things said by and about the Mets to say thank you to Sandy Alderson.

New York Mets Introduce Sandy Alderson as General Manager Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Thank you, Sandy.

”It’s been incredibly difficult. And I’m really disappointed with where we are and disappointed to have left Mets fans basically in this situation. I’ve said many times, you really do this to make other people happy. And when you’re not making people happy, it’s difficult.’’ –Sandy Alderson [ESPN]

”With respect to the future, I would say two things: One is, notwithstanding the good prognosis, my health is an uncertainty going forward and secondly, if I were to look at it on the merits, I’m not sure coming back is warranted.’’ –Sandy Alderson [ESPN]

”One difference between then and now is that that took place in the offseason. I had a surgery in the offseason, I had some chemo in the offseason. Much easier to manage that with offseason activity. I had the decision-making authority basically at that time. I will not have the decision-making authority going forward. If people want to call me, they’re welcome to do so. But at the same time, I don’t expect to be involved in day-to-day activity.’’ –Sandy Alderson [ESPN]

”I think there was a lot of jaws hitting the floor. I think we had a bit of an emotional talk. It wasn’t long, but at the end we certainly wanted to pay him respect. We’re going to be there for Sandy as much as Sandy’s been there for us. A lot of times he has taken the heat on our behalf ‘’ –David Wright [ESPN]

“Knowing he is going through what he’s going through, he’s a badass Marine. That’s all I can say.” –Mickey Callaway [Newsday]

”It definitely puts life in perspective. Just very somber news that we received. Our heart’s broken for him. He’s been through this battle before. He knows what’s in store.’’ –Brandon Nimmo [ESPN]

”It was tough being out there playing, but you’ve got to concentrate. Sandy is one of us and we support him 100 percent, and hopefully he’ll get better.’’ –Wilmer Flores [ESPN]

”We really wanted to focus in and just make sure that we bounce back today, of all days, and play a little bit better. I think we showed a little fight there.’’ –Michael Conforto [ESPN]

”Honestly, I’m here -- we’re all here -- because he believed in us. And I think for me personally, especially now under these circumstances, I want to prove that he was right. So yeah, there was definitely I would say extra emotion out there hearing that news.” –Steven Matz [ESPN]

During a 2015 interview with Mike Vorkunov, Sandy Alderson explained his sense of humor and willingness to poke fun of himself and the Mets.

”My inclination is not to take things too seriously…I guess I’m not worried about my future. It’s limited.” –Sandy Alderson [NJ]

During the 2015 season, sports radio and beat writers questioned if Terry Collins was making the lineup or if Sandy Alderson was making the lineups for him.

”The one thing the manager has in his power is this. He’s got one hammer, and that’s who plays. And I’m certainly very, very lucky to have that hammer.” —Terry Collins [ESPN]

[Once a horde of media began to enter the office of manager Terry Collins, Alderson followed, holding a blue lineup card in his hand. After lingering at the rear for a full minute, Alderson pounced. Breaking in between questions, Alderson’s voice boomed over all others and handed Collins the sheet of paper.]

”Here, Terry, here’s your lineup for tomorrow.” –Sandy Alderson [NJ]

During the 2015 offseason, Sandy Alderson presented Cal Ripken with an award at the baseball writers gala.

“It’s a big night for me and for Mets fans who have been waiting all winter for me to introduce a shortstop.” –Sandy Alderson [NJ]

Andy Martino recalled an interaction with Sandy Alderson.

“Once, after a trip to Las Vegas to write a feature on Noah Syndergaard as a minor leaguer, I dashed off a blog post that contained anonymous criticisms of Mets prospects from scouts.

In the press box at Citi Field that night, I received an email from Alderson. The subject line was formal, characteristic of his style: “Today’s column.” When I opened the email, I saw that the entire note was: “Complete horseshit.” –Andy Martino [Metsblog]

During the 2011 offseason, Sandy Alderson was asked if he would let he media know if there were negotiation ongoing between himself and Jose Reyes’ agents “even secretly”.

“Even secretly. Even super-secretly. I’ll give you a secret signal when the secret negotiations start.” –Sandy Alderson [ESPN]

In 2011, Sandy Alderson visited the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

”I was with a triple amputee today talking about his desire to be back with his buddies and making a contribution. It was quite uplifting. He was a Phillies fan, but other than that.” –Sandy Alderson [New York Times]

In 2011, Scott Boras said that the Mets were shopping in the fruits and nuts aisle of the supermarket due to their reluctance to spend.

”Obviously, they went to more of the ready food section than looking to the future, prospects. Which is good for the current Met group, I guess.” –Scott Boras [NJ]

”Boras shops near the meat section. That’s where he gets his bullshit.” –Sandy Alderson said with a chuckle [NJ]

In 2012, Sandy joined Twitter and immediately made light of the Mets finances.

In November 2015, Sandy Alderson collapsed during a press conference at Citi Field. Thirty seconds later, he was awake and moved to a chair.

“All right, sorry about that, guys… OK, where were we?” –Sandy Alderson

In 2011, Sandy Alderson traded Francisco Rodriguez to a team he did not approve.

”His contract provided for a 10-team limited no-trade provision, so long as a list was provided by a certain date, which was roughly 2-1/2 years ago. To our knowledge, that list was never submitted, and we proceeded with the trade market on that basis.” -Sandy Alderson [New York Daily News]

During the 2011 season, Taylor Buchholz was originally placed on the disabled list with “shoulder fatigue”; however, it was later clarified that “shoulder fatigue” was a smokescreen so that Taylor could privately handle the true reason for being placed on the disabled list.

”Last season with the Rockies, I experienced some depression and anxiety before returning from Tommy John surgery. I thought I had it under control, but recently, at the end of May of this year, the depression and anxiety began to resurface. After consulting with my doctor, I agreed to try different medications and it was recommended that I not pitch while I adjusted to the new medications. I am in regular contact with the Mets and have kept them informed of my progress. I am extremely grateful for the way the Mets have cared for me and my family.” Taylor Buchholz [ESPN]

”Taylor felt that it was important for his situation to be clarified. We did, too, to the extent that he’s home resting with a strained shoulder, that doesn’t really portray it as it is. He felt it was important. We felt at some point we need to disclose this. And, at the same time, he had become comfortable with the disclosure, which is a separate issue unto itself.” -Sandy Alderson [ESPN]

Once again, thank you, Sandy.

”None of us writes his or her script. You deal with circumstances as they arrive. I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had here, all the opportunities I’ve had in the game and for whatever opportunities may arise in the future. This isn’t Disney World. We have to deal with life as it presents itself and I’m OK with that.” –Sandy Alderson [North Jersey]