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Mets Player Performance Meter: Position players, May 28-June 3

A quick review of how the Mets’ position players fared over the past week.

MLB: Chicago Cubs at New York Mets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

After splitting a series in Atlanta, the Mets went on to be swept by the Cubs in a four game series at Citi Field. The offense has struggled once again this week, putting up just one run in three of the eight games. However, Kevin Plawecki has returned from the disabled list and Todd Frazier and Yoenis Cespedes are due to follow him in short order, which should provide a much needed boost to the Mets’ lineup.

There are really only three players who had strong offensive weeks: Brandon Nimmo, Jose Bautista, and Michael Conforto. From the position player side of things, Brandon Nimmo continues to be the bright spot on the roster. Unsurprisingly, he remains king of on base percentage. Overall, his slash line stands at .281/.410/.656, good for a 192 wRC+ for the week, which leads the team. He also leads the team in RBIs this week with seven and in stolen bases with three.

Jose Bautista is not too far behind Nimmo with a .400 on base percentage for the week. He has drawn a lot of walks since joining the Mets, which is a good sign that he is seeing the ball well. His six walks are second only to Michael Conforto this week. He posted a 131 wRC+ for the week with five hits, two runs, and one RBI.

Speaking of Conforto, he beat out Nimmo in on base percentage for the week with a team-leading .424, buoyed by seven walks. He also had seven hits this week and put up a 132 wRC+.

Even though Amed Rosario doesn’t have enough power to put up a wRC+ that rivals the players above, he still had a very good week at the plate. His wRC+ for the week stands at 99, but he leads the team in hits this week with ten and has made a couple of highlight reel worthy plays in the field.

Adrian Gonzalez had one of the better offensive weeks he has had in awhile. He’s definitely still not posting the type of numbers that he used to or that the Mets would like to warrant him playing every day. But he carries an 89 wRC+ for the week and is second only to Brandon Nimmo in RBIs for the week with six.

Things get a lot less good from there. Asdrubal Cabrera had his first truly bad week at the plate this season, with just four hits and a 46 wRC+. However, two of those four hits were home runs. Overall, he still has All-Star caliber numbers for the year.

The Mets are currently carrying three catchers on their roster, with Jose Lobaton joining the team when the Mets cut the extra relief pitcher from the roster. Lobaton has appeared in just one game this week and drew a walk. The reasoning behind Lobaton’s presence on the team is the ability to use Plawecki and Mesoraco as pinch hitters when needed, but both had somewhat mediocre weeks at the plate. However, this arrangement is likely temporary, with Frazier and Cespedes’ return from the disabled list imminent.

Kevin Plawecki hit the ground running fresh back from the disabled list this week, but cooled off substantially later in the week. Overall, he posted a 78 wRC+ this week with four hits, three walks, two runs scored, and an RBI.

Devin Mesoraco is in similar territory this week, putting up a 73 wRC+ with three hits, including a home run, two walks, three runs scored, and two RBIs.

Phillip Evans had just plate appearance this week and has been sent back down to Triple-A Las Vegas.

Luis Guillorme continues to fill the roster spot of Wilmer Flores, who remains on the disabled list and is seeing regular playing time with Todd Frazier still on the disabled list himself and Jose Reyes faltering. He has six hits this week, five of which were singles, good for just a 32 wRC+ for the week. He also drove in three runs and stole a base. His strength remains in the field rather than with the bat and has looked very smooth at all of the infield positions he’s been asked to play, which is mostly third base.

Reyes, meanwhile, has looked pretty uncomfortable at third base and after a good week last week is back to looking bad at the plate as well. He has a -30 wRC+ this week, with just one single and one walk in thirteen plate appearances.

Jay Bruce’s struggles at the plate continue and have gotten worse this week. He put up a 3 wRC+ for the week, with just three hits in 30 plate appearances. He also walked twice and scored three runs. His power also remains almost completely absent; he holds a .087 ISO for the week. When Yoenis Cespedes returns, it will be hard to justify keeping him in the lineup regularly. The Mets desperately need him to break out otherwise the next two years of his contract look awfully bleak.