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This Week in Mets Quotes: David Wright on his first professional game in over a year, Frazier calls deGrom ‘an angel’

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at New York Mets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Pretty sure Tim Peterson’s personal goal is ‘survival’ at this point.

“I’ve said before that I want to win a Cy Young. I think that’s what every starting pitcher or pitcher in general wants to win as a personal goal. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it. I’ve just got to go out there and continue to pitch.” –Jacob deGrom [North Jersey]

Sincerely nice to see how much Jake’s fellow teammates and coaches want this for him.

“Let’s get as many positives as we can before the season is over and one of those things is for him to win that big Cy Young Award.” –Todd Frazier [North Jersey]

”This whole year he’s been an angel, basically, for what we put him through. We want to get him over the top.” –Todd Frazier [MLB]

Agreed, any player on a Mets roster should be graded on a #lolmets curve.

“I think if we ended the season right now, [Jacob deGrom] should win [the Cy Young]. I think it’s probably twice as impressive to see what he’s done with the run support he’s gotten compared to the pitchers who get tons of it. It’s part of pitching in those high-stress situations.” –Mickey Callaway [North Jersey]

The honesty is refreshing at this point.

“Obviously [Jason Vargas] is going to be with us next year — he signed a two-year contract.” –Mickey Callaway [New York Post]

Unlike Nimmo, who’s has that new-school, amateur mentality. Just jog down to first base, act like you’ve taken a walk before amirite?

“[Michael Conforto] has an old soul. He seems a lot older than his age — not in a bad way, just his maturity level. It’s pretty impressive. You don’t see younger guys nowadays with that old-school, veteran mentality he seems to have.” –Austin Jackson [New York Post]

Wyoming Smacktalk after going 5 for 5 with three extra base hits.

”It’s a positive. It’s moving in the right direction. I definitely found a lot of barrels tonight, and that’s what we were going for.” –Brandon Nimmo [MLB]


”You can go up and down the lineup right now and see guys stepping up, attacking pitches, squaring balls up. A lot of loud noises today.” –Todd Frazier regarding the Mets’ 16 to 5 win over the Os [MLB]

Strange Case of Dr. Zack and Mr. Zack—I’m going to have to workshop this one.

”The old Zack reared his ugly head today. … You’re going to have those kinds of outings once or twice a year. … I think that was a good start after the second, sort of just figuring out what I was doing wrong and fixing it on the fly. I don’t know if I would have been able to do that in the past.” –Zack Wheeler [MLB]

Probably should look at it as a Do-or-Die situation.

”I’m not going to look at it as a do-or-die situation, because then you put added pressure on yourself and the game’s already hard enough. I’m just going to prepare, keep having good at-bats and just play hard, and let the chips fall as they may.” –Kevin Plawecki [MLB]

I don’t know man. I really don’t.

“It sucks. I feel like I let the team down, let people down. But we have under-performed as a team and we have gotten injured. But I think there are definitely greener pastures on the horizon for sure. We have a good team, man. We really do.” –Jay Bruce [New York Post]

Only an idiot doesn’t already know that letting young LHB consistently face LHP allow them to get comfortable...

”[Regarding hitting a home run off a LHP] Any time you see the ball go out of the park it feels good. Lefties have been a topic of discussion -- I think us left-handed hitters who have been here the last couple years have had a chance to see a lot of left-handers this season, and it’s been a good experience for us to get in there and get comfortable.” –Michael Conforto [MLB]


”The fact that [Conforto’s] been able to see more lefties -- he’s been consistently playing against them and starting against them -- I think that has really allowed him to be a lot more comfortable in the box against those guys.” –Mickey Callaway [MLB]

David Wright played his first professional baseball game in almost a year.

“I think it was just a lot of different kind of butterflies, that nervous energy. It’s been a while and it felt like I got here so early that I was just counting down the minutes wanting to get it going. So it was good to get out there.” –David Wright [Newsday]

”[It was a] day game, and I forgot my sunglasses -- so I was out there and really nervous when the ball started going in the air.” –David Wright [MLB]

”I wouldn’t be out here in 95-degree sunny Florida dripping sweat if I didn’t think that I could make it back.” –David Wright [MLB]

It felt good to see him out there, too.

”It felt good to get back out there. Hopefully, the results will come. But, for now, getting three at-bats, I went out and played the field for five innings, seeing some pitches, seeing some really dominant pitching. It’s not ideal to go out there and see 96, 97 [mph] in your first game in a year. So it was good to be challenged like that early. ... Getting to see a young arm like that that’s live, you can’t mimic that by practicing. You have to go out there and see it.” –David Wright [MLB]

This might be the most specifically honest David has ever been about his injuries woes.

“I certainly don’t feel like I felt when I was healthy. I think that neck surgery really took something out of me. Where I had my fusion from my neck, there’s a really important nerve that goes into my right shoulder that had to be manipulated to get to the spot they want it to get to. I can remember after that surgery just the atrophy of my right shoulder, and it’s been a real challenge to get that arm strength back. But if I can be accurate and I can pick it up a little more — I never had a great arm to begin with — if I can get back to just an average arm, I think that will play.” –David Wright [New York Post]

Ouch, my heart.

“There will certainly be some things to think about. I haven’t quite thought that far. My goal is certainly to make it back, and if it doesn’t work out … at some point you have got to play. You can’t just continue to sit here and rehab all year. I haven’t thought much about it, but since I have been in the big leagues it’s been over two years, so at some point if physically I can do it, great, and if physically I can’t, that’s a whole different conversation.” –David Wright [New York Post]

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“The only reason this injury hasn’t “ended the career” of David Wright is because he wants to collect the money. Money the Mets were foolish to have given him, even were he to have remained healthy. What is there to care about? The Mets becoming good again. Mark Vientos becoming the best 3B in Mets’ history, for instance.” –eddie coffin

AA Quote of the Week

“people out there hating on this should fuck off” –JR and the Off-Balance Shots