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Mets vs. Nationals: Lineups, broadcast info, and open thread, 8/24/18

Lefties “Vargy” and “Double G” kick off Players Weekend in New York.

MLB Little League Classic: New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Mets Lineup

El Niño - SS
JT - 2B
Catire - 1B
Toddfather - 3B
Bruuuce - RF
A-Jax - CF
JoeyBats - LF
Plaw Dawg - C
Vargy - P

Nationals Lineup

Triple Trea - SS
Ant - 3B
Mondo - RF
Zim - 1B
Juanjo - LF
Maui - C
Miggy - CF
El De - 2B
Double G - P

Broadcast info

Radio: 710 WOR, ESPN Deportes 1050 AM