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David Wright to continue his rehab at Triple-A Las Vegas

Wright is one step closer to playing in a big league game this season.

MLB: Miami Marlins at New York Mets Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets have announced that David Wright will be going to Triple-A Las Vegas to continue his rehab assignment. He had been rehabbing in Port St. Lucie, playing a full nine innings at third base for the first time on Friday. He has yet to play in three consecutive games, as he rested Sunday and yesterday.

Wright’s rehab clock is expiring on Friday and the seasons of the Mets’ full-season minor league affiliates are ending on September 3, meaning that the Mets will likely be making a decision right around the time that rosters expand about his return to the big league club. If they decide to activate him, they must also decide whether to do so on the road, or wait until September 7—the Mets’ next game at Citi Field.

Wright has just a .454 OPS in his ten rehab games with High-A St. Lucie, but has fared much better lately, going 6 for his last 18. Wright last played in a major league game in May of 2016. Exactly one year ago on this date, David Wright’s last attempt at a return was brought to an end, as he discontinued his rehab. Today, he is as close as he has ever been to playing in a major league baseball game again.