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David Wright: Superstar, the t-shirt!

Let the world know that David Wright has always been a superstar!

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A little less than a week ago, the Mets and David Wright announced that the captain of the team, who has spent his entire professional career with the franchise and undergone several surgeries as he’s missed time on the field over the past couple of years, will play during the team’s final home stand this year before ending his playing career.


Whatever Wright does in that limited span of playing time this year, it won’t alter his career numbers too much. Thus far, he’s hit .296/.376/.491 with 242 home runs and a 133 wRC+, and his career was on a clear path to the Hall of Fame before spinal stenosis and issues with his neck and shoulder derailed it. At his peak, Wright was one of the best players in the game, and believe it or not, he put up his best mark in wRC+ in 2013 with a 156. No matter what anyone else may have said, Wright was clearly a superstar, and now there’s a shirt for that.