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Final Score: Nationals 6, Mets 0—For the bird

Pigeon on field represents peak excitement as Mets muster one hit in loss to Nationals.

MLB: New York Mets at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Austin Voth walked the third and fourth batters of the game, putting two men on for Todd Frazier, who struck out. That would represent the biggest threat the Mets would muster against Voth and the Nationals pen.

Both Voth and Corey Oswalt pitched well, and neither seemed perturbed by the “brazen” (per Keith Hernandez) pigeon wandering around the pitching mound over the first few innings.

Oswalt looked solid in place of the shut-down Zack Wheeler, throwing five innings while surrendering only a two-run home run to Trea Turner in the bottom of the third. Voth would do him much better, surrendering only a Michael Conforto infield single against the shift in the top of the fourth—the team’s only hit of the game.

The game would remain 2-0 into the bottom of the sixth, when the Nationals got to Jerry Blevins, with a three-run home run by Matt Wieters putting the game pretty much out of reach. The Nats would tack on a final run against Tyler Bashlor in the seventh on a Bryce Harper RBI double.

Full recap to follow.

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