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Top 25 Mets Prospects for 2019: 19, Stanley Consuegra

Coming in at 19 on our 2019 list is a raw Dominican outfielder who was recently signed.

Amazin Avenue Prospect List

19. Stanley Consuegra, OF

Height: 6’2”, Weight: 170 lbs.

DOB: 9/24/00 (18)

Acquired: IFA, July 2, 2017 (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Bats/Throws: R/R


13 G, 52 AB, .192/.317/.365, 10 H, 1 2B, 1 3B, 2 HR, 9 BB, 5 K, 5/5 SB, .173 BABIP (DSL)

51 G, 189 AB, .217/.297/.344, 41 H, 12 2B, 3 3B, 2 HR, 17 BB, 41 K, 4/8 SB, .265 BABIP (Rookie-GCL)

Signed out of the Dominican Republic for $500,000, Stanly Consuegra was one of the better quick-twitch athletes in the 2017-2018 international free agent class. He began the season in the Dominican Summer League, but impressed enough organizational evaluators to promoted him to the GCL Mets after only a few weeks. While Consuegra didn’t exactly dominate in his stateside debut, he held his own as a 17-year-old, posting an 84 wRC+.

At 6’2”, 170 pounds, Consuegra has a long, projectable frame. His swing gets deep, but he has strong wrists and displays excellent barrel control, allowing him to make a lot of contact. His contact is currently line drive loud, but with more muscle, he should add additional in-game power.

Like many young Dominicans, he played as a shortstop and was initially billed as being one, but has since transitioned to playing the outfield. Thanks to quick reaction times and average speed, Consuegra covers a lot of ground. Because of his history as a shortstop, he possesses a very strong throwing arm, with evaluators ranging from above-average to plus. If he is able to improve on his reactions off the bat and routes, Consuegra may be able to play center, but if he is not, his arm is strong enough to fit in right.

Steve Sypa says:

The pair of Stanley Consuegra and Adrian Hernandez are still far, far away, but there is enough projection in either to imagine a pair of interesting prospects. The Mets will probably be frustratingly conservative with them, but the potential upside is there in theory for the pair to be fast moving, exciting players.

Lukas Vlahos says:

I ranked Consuegra too high, and I really can’t talk much about a prospect who hasn’t played outside of the DSL. He was a 500K July 2nd signing who, per the reports, has real CF tools and posts impressive exit velocities, and at 17 there’s plenty of projection left. Most of these sorts of guys wind up flaming out and never reaching the majors, but Conseugra at least has a chance to be a big time prospect in five years.

Kenneth Lavin says:

A former shortstop who was converted to the outfield after signing, Stanley Consuegra signed with the Mets out of the Dominican Republic in 2017 for $500,000. The Mets aggressively decided to bring him stateside during his first summer in professional baseball. The results were mostly a mixed bag from a statistics point of view, as Consuegra hit just .217/.297/.344 after being promoted out of the Dominican Summer League in 2018. I wouldn’t say his performance in the Gulf Coast League was particularly meaningful, given where Consuegra’s age and where he is developmentally at the moment. Look for Consuegra to start 2019 in either Kingsport or Brooklyn, depending on how aggressive the Mets want to be with him going forward.